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Final Exams

I got done with my second exam today. That means only 3 more to go: algebra, earth science, and french. The first two i did were the english and the global ones. The global one i did today was pretty easy, but the english exam had a really long essay and... yeah. I think im gonna do good on everything else except the algebra one. Im probably gonna fail tbh. Ive never been all that good at things like algebra, but im gonna have to be good at it if i wanna become an astronomer someday. At least im thinking of being in a band someday, so thats my second option for life.

Still depressed

I still am upset about that test... My family ended up telling me how horrible I am but oh well... Also been fighting with my ex best friend... I'm falling down a rabbit hole of depression and I can't get out


So it's Friday which means it's nearly the weekend! So, when I get home, I have a lot happening/to do.
1. My brother is coming back from his school trip around 2:30pm today. Great! I've had a whole school week without him.
2. I have to get a Kerrang! Subscription because my dad is starting to get annoyed of me nagging him to go out to the supermarket every Thursday.
3. Ask my brother if he want to go to Insomnia seen as he seems to be the only reason my dad hasn't booked the tickets yet
4. Ask my dad again about the PTV concert.

Why I don't reply to other blogs

I usually check here at school and for some reason, the school has blocked the community section but nothing else on the site. The way me and Eleanor log in on here is by searching up my username plus So, if I ever get some free time (homework is annoying and I prefer to talk to people 1 to 1) I'll go through other blogs. Don't expect daily replies to your blogs, just expect daily blogs and replies to comments on my blogs seen as I have time in VMG to reply to comments plus blogging!