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Bye For A While

Hey chums!
So in 2ish hours I'm going into my program. There is internet connection but I'm sure it's monitored. I found the daily schedule for the program:

6:00 am - Wake up and shower time; weights/vitals, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
7:30 - Medication
8:00 - Breakfast
8:45 - Goals group/Mindfulness activity; community meeting, Wednesday & Friday
9:15 - Fresh air break
9:30 - Dialectical Behavioral Therapy: distress tolerance
10:15 - Snack
10:30 - Individual assignments/meetings, chores, leisure time
11:00 - Fresh air break
11:15 - Motivation group
12:00 - Medication
12:15 - Lunch
1:00 -

Weekend update

So Saturday I went bowling with my boyfriend... He kicked my butt! Sunday I went to church (which I haven't done in years) with my bestfriend, we went to breakfast, then went on a hike... Funny thing is as soon as I walked in my front door (at 4) my boyfriend walked up to the door and was like "hey you're coming over" and I was like "okay"... I was there til 11

Listen up younglens

Always remember that there's always someone worse off then you in this fucked up world

good things are happening so why the hell am i not feeling it

(First and foremost, Mikey and Kristin being all married and happy and stuff is freaking awesome) So over my school holidays I've gotten a job, had my braces off and finally finished my six-month-long acne treatment. And I'm sitting here thinking, shouldn't I be more excited about stuff like this? This is stuff that's been a long time coming, and I honestly don't feel that excited at all and it's kinda... frustrating?


Here's a new review for Linkin-Park-A-Thon!! I am discussing about one of my favourite albums of all time:

Minutes To Midnight

The link will be available in the comment section, so please do read it and enjoy.

Stay beautiful!