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I kinda hate the summer. It's weird, I should be happy. I can't stand being in school and god knows I don't really have the abundance of friends to occupy my time. Why do I feel so empty? My life feels meaningless and monotonous, especially in the summer. With no busywork to occupy my time, I have so much time to do other things, things that I want to do! If that's so, why do I spend so much time alone in my room doing useless things like going on the internet. I want to make things. I want to be creative. Why can't I just do it?

I know how it is, I know that I just have to get of my ass and

One Month of Exams Later...

I'm finally back! It's been a while, hasn't it? I'm not even sure of where to start! Well, for all of the new people (because there's always new people coming here, and that's awesome!), nice to meet you, I've been around this site for about 4 months and have recently returned here after a month of preparating for exams plus the exams themselves. So, let's get right to it:

-As I mentioned above, this month was all about preparating for my final exams. They are about 30% of my grade so it was a pretty big deal. I took my final exam tomorrow though, so I'm glad to say it's all over now!

Fanfic & Hairdye

Hello again friends! Today was a particularly crap day, and I've never felt more suicidal in the past few months but I am keeping my head up and I will not let that stump me.
I have a feeling that this will be a very busy year. I have so many things I want to get done, and so little time.

It is 1 AM, and I put on makeup at 10, which is super sad since I did it well. It's inspired by Lyn-z too.
Today on omegle I met a boy; we're similar, yet so different.. I really really like him. :)

ALSO IMPORTANT: I am currently writing some My Chemical Romance fanfiction!

I am bored...

Since the leaving of school, I have picked up many hobbies. These include:
*Snapchatting every mortal thing
* watching shadow hunters and Izombie
*Replaying kingdom hearts
*Listening to an unhealthy amount of MCR
These things were all brought on due to boredom.
I literally have nothing to do anymore... So can the trashy emos of this fandom help me in the epic quest to cure the dreaded disease named boredom?
Please leave some suggestions in the comments and I will try and accomplish every one :)
See you later

Ryan xx

(PS Sarim come back :( )

Przepisy na obiad

In the event you haven't viewed the vine which presented the saying in to the vocabulary of each teenage gal then go watch it here, I am not crazy. So, most of us have and love them. I blame and her beautiful bushy brows for starting the obsession. If you believe about them too much you learn to question the matter that people, as a era, give the assortment of brief hairs above our sight - but we won't do this. I mean, the photographs without przepis na dobry obiad.

Przepisy kulinarne

I have discovered quite a t of hype throughout the brand just lately and, for me, it is