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Why I don't reply to other blogs

I usually check here at school and for some reason, the school has blocked the community section but nothing else on the site. The way me and Eleanor log in on here is by searching up my username plus So, if I ever get some free time (homework is annoying and I prefer to talk to people 1 to 1) I'll go through other blogs. Don't expect daily replies to your blogs, just expect daily blogs and replies to comments on my blogs seen as I have time in VMG to reply to comments plus blogging!

Had A Bad

Hey guys,
so today started off good. put on a favorite outfit (big boots with chains on them, black ripped tights, little denium skirt I decorated with "rad man" in spray paint, The Used patch and a chicken bone hanging from a string, a MCR tee shirt, purple sweatshirt and spiked dog collar) and my makeup was pretty dark and on point. It was my first day back at school and I was excited to see my friends.
I got to school and everyone said hello to me, which was nice. First block went ok, we just watched a movie. But then I had to eat my morning snack.

achievements are like hoop earrings (... no, they're not)

a solitary signing. I've been pressured by myself to write this blog. hasn't it been a while? but here, i return, unfailingly to my audience of one ?(myself, specifically, or really, me in the very near future). all that narcissism has to be recorded somewhere. look at those red red lines.
so, i have a Bachelors of Arts degree in Architecture with Honours. it's nice to say/type. i'm enjoying saying it to people though, it hasn't really gotten me anything yet. i only get it today in fact so that's quite alright.


I am going to doubt that mcr will come back together again...i mean yeah it was a really tiny hope but at least they can do a goodbye know...their last tour..but im scared that i will also lose this hope tbh :/