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do know that i no longer, hang out with the people in the last blog .( more on me lately)

as I said I'm depressed.
also I'm sick and tired of people.
and tommarow I'm supposed to somehow get off my ass and play pokemon go with my mom .
she and I also have a lot of past problems.
divorse solved them by getting her out of my life abit and now she is trying to make a reapperince in my life.

i haven't been sleeping right . not since she took me for a small time afew weeks ago.
i should probably go see a docter.
any way I'm done ranting on about how ive been.
how about you guys whats up, how have you guys been?

im happy they might come back. (mcrx) ( a way to catch up on me and my life)

I needed a win sooner or later.
I'm disabled, and lately I haven't been good .
my sister died last year in april. (the cops called it suiside)
my depression has only grown.
due to me hanging out with some bad people.
these bad people where in the lgbt community.
one had a crush on me so much so. she drugged me without my knowledge. ( the drug was ketamine) know that I'm fine with lgbt . but you only get so many chances.
after all fool me ounce shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
but if you think I'm letting you back in my life after the second time you fooled me


I'm actually crying what are they doing to us????!!!!!! I'm not okay!!!!


I haven't been able to calm down since the video was posted! Please let this be real everyone is so excited for it, it all makes sense so let's just do it! Killjoys never die