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My corner.

I have a corner in my room.
This corner has overwatched my emotions countless times.
It never leaves me. It is decorated to comfort me.
It is an oasis of luscious plants in the middle of a desert full of the sharpness of life.
It helps me get along. It holds me as I cry.
It holds me when I am happy.
It holds me when I am tired.
It holds me.
Someone told me that what I write about is good. That they are called 'poems'.
In a way they are, but to me... They are corners.
They help me. Hold me in the remaining ecstasy I have left in my shrivelled mind.
I like poems.
I like corners.

Ryan xx



The MCR feels

*plays G note* Today, I saw something. A tweet my Gerard saying that they were getting back together this year. I did research, and turns out, they aren't.
i cri evry tim ;-----;

Finally On Vacation! + Electric Guitar?

Hello everyone, and welcome back to one of my blog posts that I seem to do only once in a blue moon nowadays. I am truly sorry for that but I do have an excuse for it! So without further ado, let's get started:

-I'm officially on summer break and I've travelled some miles to stay at my dad's for about the rest of the month. Although his internet sucks and we both don't really know how to cook, it's a good place to stay for a while. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures since he lives somewhat close to a river and the atmosphere is good around here.

those days..

I don't know if anyone can relate to this but I'm hoping that I'm not the only one that does this. Probably not but let's go.

So I have those days where in the morning, I wake up and it's all cool, you know? I'm relaxed, listening to some music and all chill. Zero stress! But then after a few hours, sometimes minutes, I remember that I'm not in 2004 and MCR have broken up and we don't have any more new MCR songs, albums, EPs, interviews, funny moments, tweets as a band, no more cool announcements, no more tours, no more new official merch and all that...

And then my day is immediately