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youth is like a waiting room

I've realised I don't ever say "hello" in my posts. i guess i'm assuming that this is directed towards myself.
I think I've spent time ruminating on things that are blatantly in the past. And I've disappointed the people I should care about. "Should" being the operative word here. I'm not really in a sombre mood. I'm more forgiving of myself than I was a few hours ago. I struggle with getting recognition for my weird drawings online. I know it's not massively important but there you have it.
Have I spent too much time by myself? I must come off as really selfish.

It's Saturday!

Hi guys! cX
Pretend that I actually posted this on Saturday (yesterday) because it was supposed to be posted then, but I got distracted on Buzzfeed and fell asleep...
Today was pretty awesome. Well, it wasn't this morning because I had stayed up until like 3:00 AM to talk to my best friend. I think I might be kinda gay for her but, she is my best friend so she can't know that of course :p
Anyway my mom and I went out driving because I need driving hours in order to get my license and we ended up going down to the beach! And I got lots of seashells and rocks, and had fun with my mom.

Past Memories can mean past regrets

So I was in the guest bedroom/office in my house, printing a paper off (cause that's where our printer is) I was looking around cause I was bored while waiting in my papers to finish when something caught my eye. It was a poster of a play I'd been in at our local theater years ago, back when I was in middle school. I had a really small role in that play, literally only three lines behind a screen (I played the young version of the protagonist in a flashback.) It was a mostly adult-casted play, and both of my parents had been in it.

Why are Queen's English accents so cringe-worthy to me?

Not much has happened today cause it's only 10 to 4pm. I'll talk about the rest of yesterday.

After finishing my blog, I went onto talk and messages some people. At 2pm, I had to go out to dancing again because they were doing measuring for custom costumes for the show coming up. When I got dropped off there, I walked inside and the waiting room was packed. I managed to find some of my friends so I went and stood near them as there were no seats free. I was wearing my my chem shoes, a asdf movie/tomska shirt and my dan and phil hoodie.

My Darkest Days

Ok, the title is over-romanticized but I can't really think of a better one!
tw// self harm