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mcr used to be my favourite band, when i was going through my emo phase. they also helped me through internet addiction, though, so they're quite special to me.
i'm glad to see that they are teasing their fanbase with a video announcing their possible reunion, or reunion tour.
i'd laugh if i saw that this was all just a prank.


I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED. First I get special effects shit now this <3 MCR I love you.

Not to mention my uncle knew before everyone, because he MET GERARD FUCKING WAY HIMSELF. Fml

We all know what this is about.

I swear on my life, I have never been happier than knowing the possibilities of this video post.
May the parades ever be in your favor!
May death truly never stop us!
And I think that they gave us a hint of this in the fact the big song they played and the supposed last song that they made was FAKE YOUR DEATH LIKE OMG I CAN'T WAIT FOR AN EXPLANATION!

excuse me- whAA

what in the bloody hell is mcrx