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Let Friends In/Playlist

I've decided I'm going to let people in. Tell my friends I need help cause things are not ok. I started by telling Ace. Then Shannon, then Blood'y Revenge. I didn't tell them what was wrong, but I told them I need support, I need a friend. And they were great :) I'm going to let Dylan in soon, since he's such a great friend I trust he'll still love me as well as take care of himself while helping me.
My friend Katie made me a really awesome mix CD I'd like to share, I can't stop listening!
1.C'mon - P!ATD & Fun.
2. The Fortunate - Cartel
3. Summer Hair = Forever Young - The Academy is...

how to pretend everything is fine

so this is pretty awful right? i mean i'm distracting myself from how i really feel with, yaoi and tumblr and music and youtube and i just can't seem to let myself be sad. i don't know why i feel hollow all the time, i try to figure out why i can't just process whatever it is that i am sad about. it makes me feel even more fucked-up than i may actually be. because i feel like i'm laughing a lot but i'm actually really upset about something. i'm so confused. i mean, i legitimately don't even know what i'm doing with my life. i feel like i gave up with 2016, y'know?

Wait, is that Green Day?

My dad has a great taste of music. On the way home from dancing we have three songs on. The first one was Green Day, A Static Age. The second one was Nirvana, Smells Like Teen Spirit. The last one was a song by Vintage Trouble I think. I didn't read what it said the song was so I don't know what it was. I think this is where I got my love of songs like this from. I mean we both love sounds with great and heavy guitar playing in them. I have a bit of my mum's music taste too. She likes songs with, I'd say with good lyrics but she listens to Vampire Weekend and their lyrics make no sense.

Tonight's Playlist

I'm not really going to listit all out, but if you haven't listened to Vitamin String Quartet's version of it! I'll list some of my favorites

Venom...listened like 3 times tonight heehee
Hang em...pretty good
I never told you...gotta be one of the best. Chills guys, seriously chilling!!
Ghost..good any way you do it!

too bad Honey didn't come out so good, I mean, it's good, but it's changed a little and doesn't have the same edge
Vampires will Never...oh, amazing! But slowed down for most of it, I think. Someone check this for me.

Early Sunsets...this version is what made me

I just cant

So I decided to watch the kids from yesterday video. And I just started crying, seeing all of the memmories and everything, if only I could see them live one time, I thought..... Its just this band like saved my life, whenever I was depressed or my parents were fighting, their music just spoke to me and helped me cope with all of the screwed up stuff going on in my life, and they still do help me. And I respect the band's decision to break up it was for the best... I don't know....... I am just so thankful that I'm able to share this with people who feel the same way I do.