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Okay but why

And now the friend I mentioned in the last post is begging me to buy her the new MCRX shirts at HT and I don't have any fucking money...... FUHK

What Is Even Happening

Okay, so this morning, I just woke up, got ready, got a ride to the orthodontists to get my wires and bands changed and then went out to lunch. It was pretty chill and whatnot. But then I come home and check my phone and there's a fuck ton of notifications on Instagram from my friend, and she was practically screaming at me to check the official MyChem website and go onto their youtube and Twitter and whatnot and she was like, freaking out about the date and I honestly was quite frightened until I did as she said and saw the video and I just...
God I want them to come back.


do i have the feeling that this is going to be finally the release of MCR5 and nothing else...


help my poor soul

so i had just woken up and found out that My Chemical Romance just posted a teaser for something coming in September. I'm mentally unprepared and very anxious. I really hope that means theyre getting back together. even just a tour is okay, although i would be 10x happier if they were a band again. whatever makes them happy, you know?

What In The Bloody Hell

What in the bloody hell is going on?! Are they making a remastered version of the black parade? Or getting back together? Or going on tour? Or making a new album? I have also heard rumours that if they do get back together Frank is not coming back, but I really hope he does if they are getting back together!