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Final Week Of School!

Hello everyone, I have returned from this last week of "official" classes and it didn't go as badly as I thought it would. So let's get right into the news:

-Math and History tests went well, I got Bs in both tests. We spent the rest of the week organising a couple of festivities and stuff since this is our last year in this school. We all brought white t-shirts to school throughout the week to write our name/what nickname people call us and our class number. I was number one haha!

Feeling not so good...

Hi everyone,

I feel quite odd tonight, so if someone has time for talking, I'd be grateful.



It is one thing to like someone. It is an entirely different story to like someone and know they probably don't like you in the same way.

Discharge + Goodbye Letter

Today at my program I found out I'm discharging to Intense Out Patient (three evenings a week, 3 hour group therapy) on Tuesday!
In group today we wrote letters saying goodbye to our eating disorders.I actually like mine and feel like it helped, so thought I'd share it with you guys.

Eating Disorder,
I've been with you since 7th grade. I knew what was happening, but was much too in love with the ways you made me feel to care that you were hurting me.You started making me feel fat and told me I couldn't eat at school. That was just the beginning.


today i found who my real friends are. which is like 3 or 4 people. but that's okay. i've cut a lot of people out this week. but its for the better. i think..