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I broke up with him WARNING DUB-CON

after a year, i started getting nervous about hanging out with him. I loved him, I did, but now I know I deserve more than what I'm getting right now. This is what I'm sending him, warning for dub-con:

so this isn't easy but I've been considering breaking up with you. The thing is, you've been very rough with me recently. I don't think you meant to, but you have.

It´s my first anniversary as an Killjoy

It is the first time I´ve done something like this, actually it´s my first time writing something in English on internet at all. I just like the band, I mean, I´m the average teenager girl that needs to fangirl about something so an already broke up band could kind of function, doesn´t it?
I really like each member as an individual, they just have different things to respect an admire.
But I will just start with Gerard.
What makes Gerard really easy to love, is that just after searching some of him you will mostly have this weird feeling of empathy.

Electric Century's Album: Download Free

Hey, guys!

Last night was the APMAs or the Alternative Press Music Awards. During the show, it was announced that you can download the entire album For the Night to Control from Electric Century! Go to amazon dot com slash ec. It is a limited time only so do it quickly!!! :)


Top 3 favorites on Stomachaches by frnkiero andthe cellabration?

I love all of Stomachaches so much, but my top 3 favorites have to be;

1: Stitches
2: Neverenders
3: Smoke Rings

How about y'all? Tell me in the comments!