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Happy Birthday ;~;

Okay, so i know this isn't MCR related but i wanna say Happy Birthday to one of the best men to walk on this earth. Happy Birthday Mitch Lucker. You are forever missed -bursts into tears- R.I.P Mitchell Adam Lucker 1984-2012.

Good day :)

I had a lovely day today. I volunteered at the downtown mission today, and I loved it. I am going to be volunteering every monday 9am-1pm. I love it. ^-^

The bus driver for the city bus was awesome, she was blaring Pink Floyd and Metallica, and singing along. She was so awesome. xD

I've also been serching for a permanent job. I have a promising lead for a job as a cake decorator. Here's to hoping. :D

Have a lovely day. <3


So my friend makes a joke about me and a girl im friendly with it gets stuck in my head even though i dont like her now i put up a tag someone i look cute with up because im bored and im the fucking bad guy now i have nobody no friends left everyone else hates me now im alone ans im scared

Happy Birthday, Mitch....

Happy 30th, Mitch Lucker.... I didn't really get too into Suicide Silence, and even still I only listen to them very occasionally. Even though I wasn't really a fan, I can see the good you brought to our music scene and beyond. Good luck to Kandee, I've never met you, but living without your daddy must be very difficult... Stay strong, girl. We're all with you x
- Z


So for this daily dose, I wanted to talk to you guys about a question I think we all have had. How do we talk to someone who we consider "famous/popular"? The reason why this is a hard question to think about is that we always think ,"How do I talk to him/her and what do I talk about?". It's hard to think about because we usually only know one big thing they're famous for and nothing else. If we consider this person "famous", we usually try to talk to them with a "fan-girlish" attitude because of how much they mean to us. But should we, though?