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Relationships & 2006

Hi guys, it's been at least 3 weeks since I've posted, so I'm sorry for that.

Lately I've been emotionally overwhelmed; I have been clean for a whole entire year now, and at times I still feel triggered to find a way to relapse, as I didn't become clean on purpose.
I haven't had my best friend in 10 months, so I haven't gotten a hug from anyone in nearly a year. He was the only one who understood me in the way that no one else ever will. I know we'll never speak again.
I am having complications with my "romance life"... I have a feeling that I'll never actually find the right person, everyone

semester ends today for me!!

im pretty glad that my semester i over, well still have to write 3exams, two nxt week and 1in august...but its easier to learn when you dont have to take i can focus on stuying^^

after the exams..ill get my first tat :D kinda excited for this and then in sepember: im going to NY :D


You're Not Nineteen Forever, Pull Yourselves Together

Well this is a blast from the past.
I've just spent the past half an hour reading all of my old blog posts and laughing at how overly dramatic I was as a young teenager.
It has been 3 years since I last logged onto this site, basically since MCR broke up, and there are only a handful of things that haven't changed, so where to start?
The biggest change is quite possibly my age and maturity, last time this website heard from me I was newly 16, and I thought I was fully matured and oh so intellectual. Next joke please.


Hey guys
Just saying hello since I havent been online in a while
how are you?

Am I the only?

I have to say that I'm in the danger days world practically since it apeared (and I still in). I follow in twitter Dr. D, Tommy... and well, few time ago I noticed that Cherri tweeted before the disband so y turned the notifications on, to know if he tweet again, and HE DID IT THE LAST DAY!!! I really don't know if it means something or not but I like to think that is some of the guys (even if I know that is probably not). And this bring me the question: WHO IS RUNNING THIS ACCOUNT AND WHY IS HE TWITTING?

What do you think about?