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(cause technically it's past midnight)
So, I had this long blog all typed out and ready to post, but then i read it over and realized it was trash. In my defense, it's currently 2:36 am and I'm sleep deprived, plus I was distracted while I was typing because I was video chatting my friend. Basically, the gist of it was I feel bad for the guys whenever I wonder what it's like for them on March 22. Maybe I'll elaborate when I'm less tired and slightly more sane. So long and goodnight guys.


My dance instructor had a fun idea, I decided to make it a crazy fun one...

goals for the actualised self

so i think i'm dying kind of, or like in a big process of heavy change that i have no control over.
i'm trying to get better at interpersonal relationships, and i've said this to anyone who will listen that "look, i'm trying to get better", you know. like i'm acknowledging all my shit and looking at it and saying yep, yes, all that is bad and i now need to change but it is awfully had.
so i feel like i'm dying kind of
i'm so fucking up and down the scale mood-wise nowadays it's pretty terrifying. i still feel like myself a bit.

The Dreaded March 22nd

Ughhhh my first March 22nd is in 9 days and the closer it is the more depressed and sad I get. Its not only cause they split its also because I know Mikey, Gee , Ray , and Frank are gonna get comments towards them on that day. SO IM BEGGING PLEASE DONT BE MEAN OR HURTFUL OR BLAME THE GUYS FOR THEIR SPLIT. THEIR HAPPY SO WE SHOULD BE HAPPY OR THEM :) :) :)
[ Also on that day I saw two things us MCRmy members should do] 1. we should all watch the WTTBP video so we can get it to most watched ( even though watching it will be very painful) and 2. Write killjoys make some noise on our arms .