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so hello! im the new one here. um, i rlly adore mcr, you have no idea... idk but i think that im the only one who cries over them cuz i want them back?! BUT IM NOT SOFTIE HAHAHA

Come Back

Just come back!!!


I'm new here!
(When you discover an amazing band but you will never go to one of their shows)
I love MCR so much that I would forge adoption papers to make Frank my son.
He's an adoreable bean
Love him
Anyway, I'm just a short person with no life
(Oh my gosh such conversation)
Welp, have a good life!

CrankTheFrank and MCR

When CrankThatFrank made the YouTube video saying MCR was getting back together I was like WOOO!!! And then I watched the video and realized it was a joke and I was crushed and I cried.


Sadly This Is My First Post, How Is Everyone?