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Shipping Location Request

Can you ship the goods to Indonesia?
It's really annoying to not be able to find my country in the list, how am i supposed to order then?

i'm back!

hello! i totally forgot about my account here for a year or two but i'm back. i just started college a few days ago. i've already met some friends who like mcr hahaha. i'm not going to tell you where i'm going to school but i will say that not only am i majoring in gender & sexuality, but i'm also dorming in an LGBT+ themed hall!! the people in my hall are great but they're sooo much more extroverted than me that it's a little tiring.... but that's ok. i'm trying to figure out how to take care of myself.

I never sang like that.

Hey Fellas!
Holidays!! Yeah, in Lower Saxony the fall Holidays started! I have a lot of Things I wanna do in this two weeks. I know you don't have These Holidays in every Country but I hope you know what it means. We have six weeks summer Holidays and two weeks fall Holidays, winter Holidays and easter Holidays. First I wanna make a cake. I love baking and cooking. And there is just one cake I can try to make. I'm gonna try a My Chemical Romance cake! I dunno if I can post Pictures on my blog but if I can't you can see the result on my Instagram account, too. I hope it will work.

Step towards being an adult

So last night i gave up everything to keep someone happy. I was told it was the adult thing after i did it too. the person who they lived with was making them if choose. if I was chose like they wanted, they would've lost their house, their best friend, just everything. That was an if. I told them "I love you but you can't chose me... I don't care if i'm not happy i'm keeping you safe i'm sorry" I know it was the right choice but I literally just broke into tears cause i was holding it in so much. So from 7pm to 11 am was how long it took for me to lose it...

future week

I'm nervous because I'm gonna have a week in which we explore more about out future career makiing practices (mine is Digital Animation) and the girl that I have a crush on is going to be there, and she knooows about it and I just idk
Anyway how have you been? :)