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I'm Sick :(

I don't know where or how or why but I caught a terrible cold. Yesterday at the end of the school day my throat started to hurt and today my throat is killing me, my nose is stuffy, and my ears are plugged. So, I'm loaded up on medicine and lying in bed wondering whether or not it would be ok if I took another cough drop (the package says take one every two hours but they wear off in a about a half hour). But, I'm not complaining, this at least gives me an excuse to lay in bed and do nothing haha.


After MCRX, I can't anymore. I just can't. I've been feeling terrible about it all. I don't feel okay in the head at all.
So I just distanced myself.
I'm sorry.

discharge tomorrow

hey guys
I'm getting discharged at 11 tomorrow. so that's great :)
when we went out for fresh air this morning there was a really cute dog! and we got to pet it!
sorry I haven't been commenting or posting much. I'll be doing more of that once I'm home. I miss you guys but I'm glad I've been able to email with some of you, like cheriselynn, fefedarkboy13, and mcrnut_86. Getting emails form you guys really helps :)
I'm almost half way done with New Moon and it's like 600 pages! proud of myself for that :)
we did 16 puzzles. they're all over the floor :P
Last night we did high school musical

Tell Me To Go To Sleep

welp that title stands for itself. it's almost midnight. *cough*i hate homework*cough*. well I've got a couple things to talk about today so the first is to the people that keep coming on here to say hi: HELLO how are y'all what's up I'm not this weird ok yes I am. (answers own what's up: Americas debt and Donald trumps ego). I'm funny you may all laugh now. *laughter*
anyways my late night weirdness is out of the way we can move on to how much I would like to strangle apple. I like my headphone jack very much thank you.

Algo triste...

Ella odiaba su vida
Él amaba la suya
Se conocieron
Y ella amó algo de lo que veía
Él quería probar algo nuevo
Y probó su corazón
Lo hizo trisas y ella se derrumbó