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Show was amazing yesterday

I was at the show of Brian Fallon and Jared Hart yesterday
Brian Fallon And Jared gave a free instore show in afternoon! Amazing!!! The played 4 songs! Afterwards it was an autograph session for Brian! I asked him if i can also get one from jared, brian said yes and called him back^^ then I followed Jared to the record store ...kinda stalker^^.... to get a pic and talking to him! he is such a nice guy! oh and i got a selfie with him!!! im so happy!!!! he is so cute

Maggots in his Eyes...

So this is my little short story I wrote... please Enjoy!

'Maggots in his Eyes'

2 Years ago today. He died. His blood stained the carpet, and his tears filled his melancholy eyes. However, now I don’t see tears. I see maggots. He visits me at night – in my sleep. His cold hands find their way to my wrists. “Marilyn. Marilyn wake up son. Marilyn I need you to do it.”. His voice is low and loving, and when he laughs he almost sounds jovial despite… The maggots. Clinging to his starved body, his clothes ripped and tattered; his blazer covered in blood and maggots. He does not stand.

Well, I feel like I have a problem

At guides tonight, we were watching clips from an event that one of our young leaders went to in Japan. Now it was a really big event and I mean really big. I don't remember how many people went but it was in the thousands somewhere like 20,000 maybe? I don't know. Anyway so there was a clip that showed the area that they camped in and it was massive and then there were the clips of the people that went... and I sort of had a mini panic attack. I don't know why. I guess it was because of such a large thing and maybe it was just too many people or the fact that the event was so large.

A week today

Hai guys first I thought I would be a good little bean and tell you it is my birthday a week today! I AM REALLY LOOKING FORWARD TO IT !!! I am finally going to be 14 ^-^

So on to the real reason I am blogging, I was at my mate Gabby's house watching Korean Dramas on vicki when I got a notification on instagram from the guy I have a crush on anyway he started messaging me about if I liked him or not and I just told him maybe, then he started flirting a stuff...I can't be bothered typing the whole convo *-*

I better log out and get ready to go to Life/Sex ed
-See you later guys
Eleanor <3

im crying

i havent been on here since 2010.