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There is no time to sleep when you are chasing away your demons.
a little more,
a little harder.
you might just get a taste of oblivion.

That little person, the one in the pit of your stomach.
a little more,
a little harder.
before she crawls out.

Shipping Location Request

Can you ship the goods to Indonesia?
It's really annoying to not be able to find my country in the list, how am i supposed to order then?

i'm back!

hello! i totally forgot about my account here for a year or two but i'm back. i just started college a few days ago. i've already met some friends who like mcr hahaha. i'm not going to tell you where i'm going to school but i will say that not only am i majoring in gender & sexuality, but i'm also dorming in an LGBT+ themed hall!! the people in my hall are great but they're sooo much more extroverted than me that it's a little tiring.... but that's ok. i'm trying to figure out how to take care of myself.

I never sang like that.

Hey Fellas!
Holidays!! Yeah, in Lower Saxony the fall Holidays started! I have a lot of Things I wanna do in this two weeks. I know you don't have These Holidays in every Country but I hope you know what it means. We have six weeks summer Holidays and two weeks fall Holidays, winter Holidays and easter Holidays. First I wanna make a cake. I love baking and cooking. And there is just one cake I can try to make. I'm gonna try a My Chemical Romance cake! I dunno if I can post Pictures on my blog but if I can't you can see the result on my Instagram account, too. I hope it will work.

Step towards being an adult

So last night i gave up everything to keep someone happy. I was told it was the adult thing after i did it too. the person who they lived with was making them if choose. if I was chose like they wanted, they would've lost their house, their best friend, just everything. That was an if. I told them "I love you but you can't chose me... I don't care if i'm not happy i'm keeping you safe i'm sorry" I know it was the right choice but I literally just broke into tears cause i was holding it in so much. So from 7pm to 11 am was how long it took for me to lose it...