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I'm a Slacker!

Hello all Killjoys! I'm back from spring break and it's only 4th hour and I'm hating school so much. We all know(or at least I think we do) that I don't do crap in 4th hour, just read and post blogs on here cause I'm a slacker. My teacher was like 'some of you aren't doing anything' and stuff, yet I'm not working. I was sick over break and just played Sims all day and watched Dan on Youtube so. Yeah. That's it. Check out my social media stuff if you want to talk to me:


Wattpad: Hesitaint_Hairdye

Twitter: luka_ann (I think at least)

Polyvore: sad_n_sassy


good morning Killjoys-!

Im starting school again and im really sleepy xD, anyways have a nice week and may the odds be ever in your favor!


I just remembered that in a MONTH im going to see paramore!!! oh my god!! i keep on forgetting, and im not excited for it because it doesnt feel like its real at all...
I've never seen one of my favorite bands before so its like a dream....


...ill i see frank!
nearly at single figures.
cant wait.
work is taking its toll at the moment.
today ive had a day off and its been awesome! woo!
anywho hope your all well