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I'm fairly new to the MCR fandom, should I give bullets a listen?

Frank Interviews are just the BEST!!! Mentions MCR and the fans!! :D

Another share. Does anyone else like watch as many of these as they can?? I just love, well, I love a good interview in general, but I just really like these Frank ones, and this interviewer is pretty good too. (I'm a little biased, I like listening to the English accent...guess I like listening to Frank's accent too tbh.) Anyway, if you haven't seen/listened, I would highly recommend. Our fandom, our still enthusiastic and large fandom is mentioned...ok, I need to finish it still. Eeek!!! haha Always turns me into a schoolgirl. I love being part of something so big!

Cancer acoustic cover

Hi everyone!
Just wanted to share with you my acoustic cover of "Cancer".
Check it out and please tell me what you think!

I'm Ba-ack! Oh and happy Valentine's Day?? :D

Yeah, back from my trip. Ohhh, it was too short! But it's alright. I missed the ...well, honestly, I missed my front porch to sit out and enjoy the sun. Haha! Thing is, back home, the days are shorter and with home responsibilities back on me, I have less and less time to get out!

Alright, enough whining! So, yeah Valentine's Day?? (for like 12 more minutes I guess) ...oh, 10 now. Oh heck! It will probably be the 15th by the time I finish this. yes? no? haha

I really don't have anything to say. Actually, I have too much to say, but I wouldn't even know where to start.

This is just awesome!

Check it out!

(It's not me in the video)