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Being on this website makes it hurt more. I'm also not excited about March 22nd coming up soon. Anyway, does anyone know any MCR songs that seem to have gotten hidden under all their other songs?


Today my IM NOT OKAY wristband and my Frankie poster came in the mail! I wish MCR were still together, they made most of my favourite songs in 2004 (the year I was born) :)) FRANK IS ACCTULLY ADORABLE....LIKE SEROUISLY!!


My Chem is such an amazing band. And their songs still help and inspire people.
I just wanna thank them so much.

Its been a while.

I haven't been on here since 2013 (I think)...Im 21 now and life is still going. Things have change for the better and I can't complain. I have a bf that I have been with for over 2 years now and hes treated me like a princess. I dont wanna brag about any of this but its crazy to look back at how crappy life was for me back then and how grateful I am now to be alive...what im pretty much saying is that...dont give up. There is always a better tomorrow. Even if things seem like they could get worse, which it will, it will always get better.


i have always been a fan of my chem. they helped me through alot, they are litterally like my favorite sweater (i wish they were a sweater) and i would just sit there and hug the sweater.

to be honest i feel really bad for people who just found out about my chem. i have always been a fan and they deserve more credit for the happiness they give some people. on time i heard the g note (yes i did cry) and then i litterally put on eyeliner and all black and danced around like i was drunk.

My Chem. has not hurt me they helped me