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I'm a vocalist who wants desperately to make a band like My Chem

I have never been able to find any musicians to play with me, and this has always been a pipe dream, but lately I have had such a desire to make it real. I write songs as well and would like to make originals, but covering a few My Chem songs would also be great. If anyone would like to share this dream with me, let me know, and maybe it could become at least a bit closer to reality.

I'm exhausted!!

I don't even really want to attempt another post after the spam trigger last time, but I want to say something.

Well, let's see, it's fall here but it's like almost 90F. Wtf?! I'm going to try to get out though and get some sun.

I wanted to write about so much last post. Basically how life has been different now from a year ago. It's really odd. This odd weather is not helping me move forward past some old memories, but maybe that's good? Good for some good stuff?? Although it's not really...meh! who cares! I'm going to choose to be positive...

focus on the music and stuff.

hair dye, dreams, and coming back to mcr

have some dye in hair now. inferno by manic panic. its a red orange-y color. hope it'll look good, i got the dye about 3 years ago but hair dye doesn't really expire so that's good. it was white before this so the red will be very vibrant.

had a dream that this girl I was crushing on last year, Via, was writing suggestive messages on my drawing and we were in the program I was in last month. the showers in the program were really nice but there were no doors. I don't know how to describe it. it was interesting. I think it's because my dad saw Via's parents last night.

had class this morning.

Please let me know your opinions

Hey Fellas!
How are you? I know I didn't blog for a few days but I was just busy. But now I'm back and it happened a lot. At first I'm kinda angry cause of my parents. My mother promised me last year that we're gonna visit my sister and her son in Berlin. In that year I suddenly was injured and we couldn't.


The greatest Gerard thing