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The newspaper news (reporter Li Yuanfei) Beijing time this morning, the London Olympic Games to be held in venues "water center" of the world cup competition and the London Olympic diving trialscruised to the second day, Chen Ruolin won the final jump stable play, beat teammate Hu Yadanwon the gold medal, becoming the third in the history of China in the event two times to get thewomen's single 10 meters champion.
Because the number of people, the men's epee preliminaries were divided into 21 groups, four Chinese players Yin Lianchi, Li Guojie, Wang Feng, Wang Sen failed to get direct 95006960

- male Taiwan Lin Yue Qiu Bo won only sixth in China after a lapse of 6 years after winning theWorld Cup - 17 world cup battle 12 wins four consecutive male Taiwan laurel Tian Liang or laterQiu Bo 50 points two consecutive Olympic Games at the Grand Slam summit aimed at Tian LiangQiu Bo: Rome World Championships defeat is a Kaner to fight Daley male Taiwan has a non diving dream team weakness?

Cloud billiards club is located in Beijing City, Du Chaoyang District Guangshun South Street No. 21imperial house B1 floor of the new world department store opposite, here is located in the wadiDistrict, within one kilometer radius of leisure entertainment project Goods are available in all varieties. As the new foreign business club, so the cloud over the pool will warm, comfortable,elegant decoration, luxury and become a leader in the entertainment circle where the billiard.
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♡ shit day

So I guess this is my blog now.

So today was a shit day. I have shit friends who only care about themselves and I have a shit crush who's a conceited dick.

Noah Valencia.
He hugged me yesterday and actually texted me and I thought we were close to getting back to how we were before. And then today he completely ignores me and has lunch with these two other girls.
It frustrates me how I care about him so much, but to him I'm just another freshman. I need to drop him like the bad habit he is.

Connor Cusick's a super nice guy and really cute and I love his personality.


I hate noah, or at least i should. He's completely self absorbed, yet he's selfless. he distracts me, but i'm distracted without him.
He's put me through hell and won't talk to me for week but when he texts me he can stay on my mind the whole day. what a little dick. he hogs all of my attention and my thoughts but doesn't give me any of his. I bet I'm hardly on his mind but he's always on mine. He doesn't even know how much I value him. And that's why he makes me so angry. He doesn't value me like I do him
is it that hard to want a guy who is perfect and wants me as much as I want him?
And i