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Professional British research firm YouGov recently released their list of the most respected all over the world people, Li Na ranked Chinese women ranked first, followed by the Secretary of state Hilllary Clinton are USA, former Vice Premier Wu Yi, actor Fan Bingbing, Queen Elizabeth S, Faye Wong, Yang Lan, Angelina Julie, Celion and Dion Merkel.
Doubles, women's doubles yesterday by the end of the two semi finals, today in the morning 11 points for the <a href="">Michael Kors sale</a> final, this is also the first champion of peace 72632998

Li Na: actually, I always thought that this press conference will be completed in a relaxed and pleasant environment, but I know you are very concerned about, in fact, of course, there will be sadness, I started playing tennis until now has experienced almost 24 years from the age of 8, I believe that this experience is, no from A to Z people can share with me. 31089419

As the Buenos Aires Youth Olympic Committee Guoji Aoweihui Coordination Committee, Li Lingyuhad a few days to fly to Argentina to participate in the meeting, where the next Youth Olympic Games in the first coordination meeting. She said, the games don't copy the previous mode, eachshould have its own characteristics. Therefore, although the Guoji Aoweihui members generally agreed that the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games will be great, but she is still looking forward toBuenos Aires four years later to show the distinctive features of the Youth Olympic games. (end)
In 2002, Li Na suddenly 94575136

Before the 6 game, the two sides to 3-3, Tong Kexin saved two break points in the fifth game, Straitcombination has better trend. Before the 8 game, the two sides into 4-4, Tong Ke pointed out thatthere are 6 bureau is a mutual break serve, the game is very close, but relatively speaking, in Peng Shuai's service level, the combination will play better. To smooth the hair after the 5-4, Tong Kebelieves that Italy is now facing the last stand of the situation combination.
After the game, Li Na in an interview, still show a sense of humor, once again express coach saved her relationship with her 56861514

Li Na depth area, errani ball hesitated, the ball into the back of a shallow, Li Na backhand crosscourtwinner. 40-0
After the start of the game on the ball, the first Bureau Peng Shuai forehand wonderful small angleto return the ball was Li Na hit a <a href="">cheap authentic jordans</a> lucky break after the ball, Li Na is also a big growl, and then Li Na in the service failure to bounce back behind the ball, a big show of foot kick it out.