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Well that didn't last long did it? This is why I deliberately hyped down mcrx in my head cos now I'm not too disappointed. my 'always expect the worst and not be disappointed' philosophy proves itself once more! I still want to continue using this site as I hope the mcrx hype has somewhat revived the fans (or at least made them noisy again).

Still sad, but what can you do?


My hopes are so HIGH

why?! why'd you do this ? MCR? WHY?!!! T.T when the teaser for MCR X realeased i was like.. oh SH*T! they're coming back! and shared it to my friends and all of the groups that im in.. but now... why??! i hope you guys will be reunited again and bring hopes for all the KILLJOYS out there... ._. pleaaaase??! :( we are all waiting... MCR! MCR!

As if my hopes and dreams weren't already dead.

Couldn't they have just told us we're getting a re-release like normal people?? ;-;

Hope Everyone is Okay!

Wow! I didn't realize I could come on the Community section until right now. haha

Well, I just wanted to say that I hope everyone is taking this recent news okay. I think it's good that they announced the truth. Should it have been sooner? Probably, but at least they did it. And personally, I thought it was all very exciting, although I knew not to get my hopes high.

It Might Be Best Thing We Can Get Now

They can just left it all behind but they did it for us, i mean, we should reply something such as "Thank you" or something like that than a bunch of disappointment. For me, i mean... i'm happy they finally say "Hi" for us and give us a thank for still keeping them in our heart, so... just keep it.