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This competition, Chinese male Taiwan is also facing challenges, opponents including host player Daly, Olympic champion Matthew Meacham et al. "Taiwan male competition, is also more difficult tomaster, the development is very fast, so we have 100% players to play, to a certain extent, each action man project average jumped 9 points, so as to win." Zhou Jihong finally said.
Joe Stevenson (USA) VS Danziger (USA) Name: Joe Stevenson (Joe Stevenson) Name: Danziger(Mac Danzig) nickname: chiefs (Daddy) nickname: birthday: 1982-06-15 birthday: 70 1980-02-01height: 1 meters height: 1 meters 73 11216373

Liu Chenggang from Hubei, he runs a billiards club, billiards enthusiasts as just as well, in few localrivals. 66805667

In September 17, 2009, the Eleventh National Games men's individual Sabre race continues in the gymnasium of Qiingdao University, Tianjin's wangjingzhi score 15-6 big beat Jiangsu's Jiangke law,and his wife Tan Xue to win the National Games gold medal. A lot of difficulties encounteredwangjingzhi earlier in the playoffs, the 1/4 finals and Olympic champions still full of competition,wangjingzhi 15-12 to seize the opportunity to the opponent will be eliminated, he semi finals with a 15-13 win over Jiangsu player Chen Taotao. 94899714

This was the World Fencing Championships ended, Chinese team regret not only gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze medals ranked eighth in the standings, Italy team with 4 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze in the first place, the Russian team 3 gold 1 silver and 2 bronze in second.
Wang Yan stood in the WenZhou Railway Station third times won the national championship, as the"dream team" three star inside the best player in the tournament, he played the way Kai sing. Enter the Department after the semi-final win in this match, he continued to show the NO.1 style, 11-9Wang Yun scored two consecutive finals. 14156741

The Liaoning Province youth competition participants mostly in 100 people, the number of entriesthis year increased to more than 220 people, Wang Hengman on Sohu sports said: "there are so many people to play a little surprised me, this game is the last 20 years the first time in Dalian, DalianCity, enthusiasm very high, the 6 team is also very active, there are a lot of talented players, we will go to the provincial team training at the end of the game, the selection of some of the players."
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