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My favorite things (inspired by Bvb_Ryan_mcr)

Skinny jeans, YouTube, music, pizza, flippy emo hair, art, my friends, my boyfriend, donuts, food in general (anything that doesn't have meat), swimming, roller skating, I'll say the rest later

Sol week

So SOLs start this week... Ugh

It's been a long time

Well I finally get on here and the spam filter won't let me post my blog. So it's all in the comments, sorry about that. - Charlotte

Oh my word

I haven't been on in a week...I suck at this sort of thing lol. Well, I made it through my hardest week of AP tests so everything is down hill from here.

So I made this blog mostly cause I found a's lullaby versions of MCR songs. Yeah, lullaby versions. I'll leave a link in the comments but it's called "Three Cheers for Sweet Dreams" and I find i mildly amusing. I know what I'm going to play for my future kids lol.

Nah I kid, I honestly don't ever want kids, but my mom is always like, "You'll change your mind." Ugg.

But if I ever do, this is what they'll grow up on.


I know a few people in life that could read this
so even if you don't agree with someone, be respectful. Always remember:
Be excellent to each other. And... PARTY ON, DUDES!