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back again

hello everyone, happy 27th day of Halloween! what is everyone going as for this year? I', going as the new Pennywise from the new IT. I've noticed that quite a few people are going out this Halloween and it's kinda sad. as an almost 17-year-old ill probably keep going trick or treating til' I'm 20 LMFAO, you're never too old to enjoy a free candy holiday. I've been a spooky kid since I was born, this is the only holiday I feel like I really can enjoy. also, why else doesn't want free fuckin candy? have a good rest of the day my dudes.

i think its getting a little late i guess

time for bed? more like time to download all the disney movie soundtracks and try to do my psych home work

In. The car but don't worry I'm not driving

Have you ever seen new England in the fall? The leaves bright colors. I like driving by fast and seeing the blur of reds, orange, pink and yellow. It's really cool. We're on our way to mass moca ,  a really cool art museum.
Hope you guys are well. I'm glad I have not much going on except this museum trip with dad and his friends.
That's all with now. Shit is kinda boring.
Got my orange boots on, ripped black jeans, yellow "jeasus was was wrong" shirt, skill bandanna around my neck and old leather jacket.
Why did i write what I'm wearing? Cause I fucking felt like it.

it's been a while. I graduated. Now i'm a bit lost. Help? Also: we technically don't exist.

I guess I feel empty more than anything? Like the whole time with my last school assembly, mass, and then graduation dinner, I didn't know how to feel. I recieved a cetificate of general excellence though! And a neat little medal. They award these certificates for "outstanding service and all-round controibution to college life" which was really nice. There was a sit down dinner and dancing and it was a really lovely night to end my time in high school. I promise I'm not that much of a freak, but I actually really enjoyed high school.

I'm back

How are you? I kind of disappeared a little bit but I'm back now :)
It's almost Halloween! The month went by so fast :/ good news is that I didn't fail calculus and I went back to therapy. I had given up on it because I didn't feel that it helped, but I came to the realisation that it does feels different so yes that's that.
How have you been? It was the anniversary of The Black Parade!
Anyway, I'll go to make homework and stop procrastinating hehe