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Yes folks. The moment I know you and every guy or gal who ever stepped foot in an early 90's arcade, propped a quarter on the machine, and waited his turn to be the "new challenger" draws near.
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD comes out on PS3 tomorrow! This remake has seemingly been years in the making, and its finally upon us, happy day for all.

Round 1....Fight!!!!

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My Coffee Setup

I'm running a bag of ground Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut coffee through a Cuisinart DCC-2000 Coffee on Demand Coffeemaker.
I peeped this coffee maker at Mikey Way's house. I thought it was the jam so I put the Mr. Coffee in the garage and updated the kitchen with space-age technology. You can pour a cup of coffee while it's still brewing, and that means no waiting for coffee. It's fresh and hot.
I then apply creamer (powdered) and a Splenda. I then drink about five of these and I can deal with the world. Or the world can deal with a guy full of five cups of "coffee on demand".

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Morning, Motts, Reality TV

Hot coffee.
Scream Queens was solid yet again, very tense episode. Ladies are getting fierce for that part in Saw 6. I realized it's also very unnerving to watch people act on television. It gives you the "motts".
The best way to describe "the motts" is like this:
Do you remember the first time you watched a bad daytime interview show, like Springer or something, and someone is just making a total ass out of themselves, doing or saying something very uncomfortable?
Or when you are sitting through a high school talent show and all of a sudden you feel embarrassed for your classmate who is singing "The Greatest Love Of All" by Whitney Houston"?
You sometimes have to cover your eyes, or look away.
Thats "the motts".
The phrase was coined by Mark Debiak in reference to an old Motts Applesauce commercial from when we were kids, involving what I remember as a child dressed as a film noir detective searching for "the motts" or , while searching for "the motts" asking people "who got the motts?". I believe he finds the motts at the end.
I find "the motts" all the time.
Real Chance @ Love is slipping for me. I find myself mysteriously drawn to Real's hair, entertained by Chance, and fascinated with the term "Stallionaires". I often wonder what exactly it takes to be a "Stallionaire", but the show didn't hold my attention last night... I simply do not know if Real or Chance actually want to find love.