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So I have an extra copy of the AP magazine 300th issue with My Chemical Romance on the front and I figure why not give it away?

the link is to my tumblr post with the info!

also I haven't posted on here in forever sooo a lots happened, like I met frank twice(1st at deathspells and MSI in philly, 2nd at skate and surf day 1 with deathspells) and the second time I got him to sign my wrist with "XO" and got it tattoo'd XD and then frank favorited my tweet of me thanking him for my tattoo and DM'd me to say you're

im just tired of it all

Im sick of my family treating me like crap because im "ignoring them" or "treating like crap"
Its like cuz its my last year in that house they wanna put as much bullsht on me before i move out.

My step mom is bitching like WAY WAY more than she used to. Over the MOST TINIEST things, and im being driven insane.

My dad practically beat me up during a game of UNO.
Over a fucking dime.

Im sick to my bones right now. I think its a head cold. My face actually hurts. Like its aching and pulsating.

I got my schedule for my upcoming senior year.
It is fucking horrible. My classes suck major.

Band name?

Hey guys! So I've decided that I really wanna be in a band with some of my friends when I grow up. It's really the only thing I can see myself doing :P ... I came up with a band name a few months ago but now I hate it. Any suggestions anybody? :)


it seems that Mikey will be dad, good but not confirmed but ..............

Tough Time

Ok so things have been pretty tough really and I just feel like writing it all out would really help me here.

1. I am really worried about my dad a few weeks ago a car crashed into my dad while he was on his bike. When he hit the car he landed on his head in the middle of the street. The doctors at the hospital sadi he would have died if he didn't wear a helmet. So this really scared me adn even now he still has lots of damages and slight memory loss but he still can't move his neck properly and has little feeling in his arm. It could take up to ayear for him to get better.

2. I am really