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To do list...

I am about to unleash my radical (not so much radical) list of things to do today list

Let us begin!

*Sort out college shiz
*Become world renowned rockstar
*learn how to fold long sleeve shirts
*learn how to make bed
*make another video for youtube some time
*make sure my dog is fed
*make sure I am fed
*make someone else happy

See you later you emo trash weebs


if you need some one to chat with.. im here :3

my kik: copelandwolf786
instagram: arctic.eyed
please if you feel down message me. im here to help and im sure others are too<3

You Guys Are Pretty Awesome.

I'm surprised anyone's even on this website anymore. I guess real fans never die. (Or we're waiting for MCR to get back together.)

suicidal tendencies

I have a problem with self infliction. I don't wanna stop at times but I want to stop all together. When I was younger I was much worse. I used a razor blade and carved words into my legs my arms even my face...
Thank God I had a do speacial mix of things to get the scars to fade. In my face and legs at least the ones on my left harm however left scar tissue so it looks pretty fuking awful..these days they don't make glass or razor blades as sharp. Which works out great on my behalf or else I'd probably be real fuked up.

New music

I'm kind of trash, so I'm constantly looking for new bands to obsess over and recently I've found a group that might be my favourite yet. Dead! are a new pop-punk band that I found about a year ago. their music is amazing and the members are adorable. I met them in real life at the slam dunk festival and they're just really sweet humble people, and their performance was the best live that I've seen in my life. The fanbase is small, but really nice. Listen to phantom and Beautiful broken bones first, they're probably my favourite.
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