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2015 copyright- the truth

I don't know if it's just me, but everywhere on social media, like tumblr and instagram, mcr fans are losing their minds over the 2015 copyright on this website.

Mcr isn't getting back together. It's a freaking copyright, they HAVE to copyright the webpage.

so, sorry to burst your bubble, but mcr is gone. I'm not happy about it and i'm sure no one else is, but such is life.


My Band

Hey guys, im in a band that's actually like, doing shit! So give us a look and if you like it give me a shout so I can keep you in the loop of what were doing!

is it just me

is it just me or does anyone else laugh when they see ppl like "omg 2015 copyright and check back soon for tour dates!!111!!!!" like hun they aint get back together


So idk if you guys saw my last post but i made a tumblr the other day and i love it so if any of you guys have a tumblr follow me at or put your username in the comments i would love to interact with everyone on there. so yeah i have done a lot of procrastination xx time-bandit


Bruh all these people say "copyright 2015????!! Omg MCR is coming back"
the tour page is like that because its always been like that. its in the coding in the website. they cant remove it without having issues. all of you, MCR is not coming back like Gerard said. its sad but its true. we just have to accept it. and they updated the copyrights because thats how it is. so people cant make another band called mcr and people cant illigaly say its their songs