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So my cat had kittens about 20 days ago all was well up until a few days ago we noticed one was slower than the others well he or she started acting weird like he couldnt walk the others started walking so, we thought he was a late developer or something like that, he started meowing but it came out as a dying frog sound well we went out this morning and when we got back home I went to go check on them I went and found him and he was laying on his side (how he normally sleeps) therefore I thought he was sleeping he wasn't I tried to get him to come around to stimulate him but that didn't work

down the drain

everything really sucks right now i guess. i'm physically sick (viral bronchitis) and i've been hella sad lately. don't know why, but it's true. also i have been questioning a lot of things in my life and it feels like music is the only constant thing right now. i got a keyboard and you can hardly see me at home without doing something related to it. it's been my outlit lately.
a couple weeks ago i saw twenty one pilots live and i miss them so much. they're so great live and i was so damn close to josh when they were in the audience.

Wow... hi. I forgot how to blog xD

Alrighty then. It has been another forever since I've blogged on here. I tend to forget about blogging since I'm always on Tumblr reblogging! I'm still with my love, we're happy together. But, I'm scared... cause I'm going to be leaving town for an entire week... I hope he still loves me when I get back.. I know I'm going to miss him like crazy. i guess... whatever happens, happens.... i can't control it when i'm not there. Even though I know he loves me, I still get scared that he's going to cheat on me...
*sighs* ANYWAYS
Pastel colors are really pretty, but so are dark, blues, reds, and

hey everyone!!

I gotta say, things are slowly getting better! A lot has happened since I last posted on here, and all of it for the better (which is weird because that type of thing NEVER happens to me). I'd have posted sooner, but school picked up and finals are week after next (wish me luck! I'm not too worried but there's some calculus stuff that goes way over my head like I don't even know man...) so I'm not gonna be on until after that (and even then sporadically because I'm taking summer classes).

I decided to change schools and in doing that changing my major from physics to English education.

hey everyone

hay everyone. i know its been a while. i haven't been on because i've been catching up in my classes and just all around being busy. but i assure you that I'm alive!