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future week

I'm nervous because I'm gonna have a week in which we explore more about out future career makiing practices (mine is Digital Animation) and the girl that I have a crush on is going to be there, and she knooows about it and I just idk
Anyway how have you been? :)


My blog

Hey Fellas!
How are you today? I have a Little Problem with my blog for today. The spam filter is triggered again. Do you know why? Whatever. If you wana read it you can read it on my Instagram account. It's about my day, my Family and about this "Audition" I had yesterday. Have fun if you read it.

So Long and goodnight
Instagram: @imke.gr2002

i'm alive

i could just drive forever
10 miles over the speed limit
volume up so loud my ears crackle and my speakers crunch
fuck that support goup
yelling to the music
"i'm trying to show you how much you mean as days fade and nights grow we all go cold"
coming out of the darkness
into a more beautiful place of freedom
air on my face
one hand on the wheel
faster faster
if i could live like this forever
i'd truly be free
but for now
i'll settle for being very much alive




family what they good for? Slapping you thats what. i hate this town so much...

I'm a vocalist who wants desperately to make a band like My Chem

I have never been able to find any musicians to play with me, and this has always been a pipe dream, but lately I have had such a desire to make it real. I write songs as well and would like to make originals, but covering a few My Chem songs would also be great. If anyone would like to share this dream with me, let me know, and maybe it could become at least a bit closer to reality.