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Warped Tour '16

Warped was AWESOME! I saw ghost town, Sleeping with Sirens, Falling in Reverse, a little of Mayday Parade, New Found Glory, Sum 41, Whitechapel and Yellowcard.
I went to charity tents and merch tents. Got a ton of stickers and buttons. Bought a "I'm a fucking feminist" shirt, A Plug Your Holes shirt and a shirt from a charity that donates to eating disorder programs and treatment. Also got 4 FREE sampler CDs!
there's no moshing/crowd surfing signs all over the place but SO much moshing and surfing. which is great for me cause I live for that stuff. Whitechapel was brutal!

School is on Monday

Ugh. School again so soon. At least I'm going to be a senior this year. I got my schedule today.

1st- Yearbook/Publications
3rd-English 4 Honors
4th-American Government Honors (this will turn into Econonics honors for second semester)
Long lunch
5th-AP Spanish 4
6th-Human Anatomy and Physiology Honors

Yay! I got all the classes I wanted. the sad thing is that I don't think I have any classes with friends so far, but I'll have to see. The good thing is that there's no math class! Yay!

Not much else to say today. I'll update you guys on Monday to tell you how the first day went.

just saw suicide squad

Amazing movie!!!! i love the movie!!!
jared leto as joker= perfect!!! hes so amazing

oh an di love harley quinn...awesome!!! and both together!!!

you should def watcht the movie!!!!


I posted a blog a few days ago or maybe a week ago (?) anyway I told I haven't been online for a very long time. I was offline like for 3 years till I finally logged in my acc. So tree years have changed me a lot. I have grown up a lot and I'm not a kid anymore. I finished my high school and started going out with a guy I love. Even though I finished high school, I started studying again and now I'm studying so I would become an animal care worker one day. I tell you what it actually means: I have to know/understand how to take care of animals right.

suicide squad!

NO SPOILERS! Just so you know :)

Okay so yesterday Suicide Squad came out and I had been waiting for a very long time and I decided I'd go watch it with my friends but most of them couldn't so we were going on Tuesday until everyone bailed on me and we decided to just watch it at each other's house so I was really upset because I wasn't in the mood to wait that long, I had already waited for the movie to come out for about a year!

So then my grandpa decided to come watch it with me because he loves crime and action movies, which is what Suicide Squad basically is.