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Any MCR Fans In Northampton UK?

I would like to know if there are any MCR Fans In Northampton in the UK because I have no friends and would like some that have the same interests as me. Please reply if you do or know anyone who does.

Uh.. HI?

I rarely ever get on here anymore. After the whole glitch with the site, I gave up hope. I go to post a blog, and it just never happens. So, *if I actually click post for this one* here's the first blog in a long while.
I have continued with my poetry, lyrics, and tattoo designs. In a way, I have become the therapist for my friends and sister, my father suggested a career in psychology. Not too sure on that as a career though cause I'm set on being an artist.
I began exploring the idea of being a man, as that idea has always caught my interest, and I have announced that I am

any mcr fans in florida??

i have literally no friends so if any of you live in florida please hmu

Is MCRmy dying?

Hey guys, I just wanted to say that I'm really sad because I see a lot of blogs and, well, there are no coments anymore. When I just entered, this site was like really fu**ing awesome, I felt like I could say what I wanted and no one would make a critic about me. What happened with all the comunication? I met a lot of nice people and I want to keep in touch with them. Do you want to keep the MCRmy alive? Leave a coment of what you think :)

look I have cool hair!!

Hey guys,
I made a video on how cool my hair is :) It sounds really dumb but I think it shows my progress and who I am now
When I was little it was straight and blond, then frizzy, then curly, then hair dye and bleach brought it back to frizzy (but dye was totally worth the frizz) and now this :)
I used to hate my hair so much. I hated everything about me, but my hair especially cause I couldn't get any of the cool hair cuts I wanted. I couldn't be a "scene" kid like I wanted (please don't judge I was 13). I always stood out. My hair was loud and I just wanted it to shut up.