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Pray for paris

Very sad about what happened in Paris #PrayForParis


Ok so update!
I have my first driving lesson in 2 hours so thats SUPER DUPER AWESOME! Also my job interview at Spencer's went really really well so I'm positive I got the job! For those who don't know Spencer's is, it's kinda like Hot Topic in terms of mood/lighting but less merch and more body jewelry, sex toys, and shot glasses. I'm really excited it's a pretty cool, alternative setting. And it's Ace's 19th today so we're gonna hang out, which is sweeeeet! And the MCR group chat on kik is really going well and that makes me really happy :)
Things are going well :) Hope things are good for

Exams :/

Exam time has fallen upon me, send prayers.
I hope everyone is doing well,
Flight x

Feeling Ok

Got my chest binder today. It's a tiny bit small but it works! I make a hot guy/androgynous person.

Can't wait!

I can't wait for Gerard's new album! anyone els excited!!??