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well, it's official that Hitler Cheeto is our president. Honestly, the moment I get my drivers permit I'm going out to protest. I don't give a fuck, I'm not gonna sit here and do nothing. I'm not going down without a fight. This killjoy is gonna make some noise. Besides that, how are you all? Lemme know in the comments. -Lily

Hey hey hey

I'm a mcr fan i have been for like ever and so I was looking for merch so I can order and I found this website while I was looking for merch but i hope to make friends That like mcr okay so long and goodnight
(Get it XD)

she got the job

Hi I'm screaming and also DYMOCKS NEWEST EMPLOYEE (it's a bookstore, I'm officially going to be paid to be an absolute nerd) eeeeeeek
Hope y'all are having an a-ok 2017


Hi everyone! I just got into MCR last year, and when I found out there would be nothing new I was devastated... Anywho, nice to meet you guys! I hope to find some new friends to talk with, and maybe find some cool new stuff. My favorite song rn is probably House of Wolves or You Know What They do to Guys Like us in Prison. See ya.

my life is boring

I've been wanting to post a blog here for so long but somehow I always log in, then log straight out because I remember that I have nothing to really write about, I mean, my life is pretty boring.

My day goes like this: Wake up late, normally at about 7:15, get ready in about 30 minutes, most of the time even less because I get up later. Go to school, come back home, eat, watch Friends (sometimes anime and YouTube videos- depends!), do homework, listen to music, take a shower, go to guitar lessons or private lessons or wherever else I have to go if I do go somewhere.