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all this excitment for nothing!!!!!!

im disappointed..well firstly im sad because there wont be a reunion or tour...but im mostly disappointed....why havent they told us this earlier??? why making such a illusion and let us believe in a possible comeback?!?!?!

im so disappointed by this...that was kinda wrong of them...waiting 24h or so and than telling us its the anniversary can say that this might be my own fault believing to quickly in a reunion or so but this video brought me thinking of this and now i found out that this was not more than just a f***ing celebration of this damn record....i mean why making so much


This has shattered my heart. Im crying, my hopes and dreams of seeing them in concert have been destroyed. Im not okay (i promise) and my soul is dead. Fml

*Heavy Sigh*

While I'm excited about the prospect of new music, or different versions and B-sides, still sad about the fact there won't be a tour or new CD.

I feel like I'm acting like Eeyore right now.

I didn't need a heart anyway

Currently doing what we probably all are doing... crying hysterically in bed. Of course, as some have pointed out, we should appreciate that they are doing anything at all for the tenth anniversary and post-breakup... but why build our hopes up so high only to let them down with a minimal one-paragraph post (again)? In the more recent past, they have simply tweeted or posted about announcements (ex: the May death never stop you repress) and I understand that this is a bigger deal than those things but why make the video so cryptic?