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Gerard and Linz Instagram

It's been soo long since I last posted but I just saw the pics G&L posted on instagram and I needed to share. I just though I would never get to see any pictures of it. Because it's like just when they're getting married right? During Projekt Rev? It's so iconic to me for some reason and it gets me mixed feelings idk why. I'm fangirling sooo bad and I can't help it so I hope some of you get me xD They look so young and cute and happy. It makes me think of how time has happened for them since then. Did they knew they would have Bandit? Or getting to their 10th anniversary?


Well Kim Jong Un and Trump are about to Pile Drive us into World War 3.

Hi I'm New.... Except not.

If the title of this confuses you I'm not surprised. Cause a while back i used to have an account on here then I lost the email address. I've always kept up with the site as well. Weather or not I've ever posted anything is a completely different story. People seem to have drifted away from this site a bit though over the years. Which is fine and cool. Some people will leave while there will always be newcomers. I'm basically a child it seems who just graduated high school. I want to start a band but I don't have any friends. So at most I'm just a solo act.


ive been a fan for ages
i just procrastinated, as my girlfren would say, 'in typical Hallie fashion'. and i only just remembered to join thanks to her reminding me.

so hey

hi, i'm new here

i just created my account here today, so i'm learning haha. i just kind of wanted to say hi and get to know the MCRmy a little better. i hate that i JUST found out about MCR and that i wasn't a fan back before the breakup. idk what else to say or do so i guess imma go now