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i just wanted to share a picture of my doggie, his name is Bruno

what is your favorite thing about this website?

it is really nice to hear all of your opinions i love asking you all questions!

so what is your favorite thing about this website? :0

I found my old CD player ;u;

i just found my old cd player and omg the nostalgia. I still remember the 11 year old me discovering MCR and Green Day. I cried over that thing xD. and now I'm blasting it with The Black Parade is Dead! a neighbor came to complain about the noise :x anyways, anyone wants to talk? I'm kinda bored cx
kik: hdz1234
instagram: sebastian_MCR

goodbye killjoys! Sebastián, signing off-.

Message me!

Sooo... Since the message thing doesn't work (and the website is being really wierd right now) I thought I'd share my social media w/ y'all if you'd like to chat with me c':

Kik: SofieMarlene
Twitter: Sofieottestig
Facebook: Sofie Ottestig
Snapchat: Sofieottestig

How to upload a picture in a blog? How to remove blog?

Hi! I was just wondering if anyone knew how to properly upload a picture into a blog like this? And also, if anyone knew how to remove a blog? I accidentally posted the same blog twice xD

Love y'll <3