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ignore me

im the stephen hawking of being stupid
ignore my last blog


i don't want a pity party
but at the same time I want someone to care.
i'm writing this with a heavy heart.
i've lost a good majority of my friends for an unknown reason
and I feel like I am soon to loose the relationship with my boyfriend.
god i feel stupid.
and i don't want to complain about life.
but now im being hypocritical.
aren't i?

this explains it

do you ever look in the mirror and think "what in the worl am i doing?" do you ever look at someone else and wonder "what in the world are they doing"
both questions sound alike just one addressed toward yourself and the other addressed toward someone else
this is what its like to be in my shoes.

Wow, I'm very repetitive

There is something I'm desperate to talk about but I don't want to get strangers online involved. I feel like if I tell anyone, it should be either the person involved or one of my friends at school because they would be better to sort this out. It's not anything bad so don't worry. It's also not anything you would be able to think up do don't try to guess what I'm on about. Anyway, onto the blog (that may be very short because not much has happened).

I got invited to a birthday party in October. It is a big deal because the person literally invited over 100 random people on Facebook.

Looking Forward To The Black Parade Special Edition

I can't wait for the special edition to drop. Especially the unreleased demos! My friend told me he heard it was due to be released soon so i thought i would drop by. And what do you know, i only have to wait less than a week! :D

Though i do have to wait til i get paid (bills bills bills at the moment), i know what il be rocking out to for the next year! Im just listening to I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love now, it never gets old on me.

You guys rock, best of luck!