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I'm back

How are you? I kind of disappeared a little bit but I'm back now :)
It's almost Halloween! The month went by so fast :/ good news is that I didn't fail calculus and I went back to therapy. I had given up on it because I didn't feel that it helped, but I came to the realisation that it does feels different so yes that's that.
How have you been? It was the anniversary of The Black Parade!
Anyway, I'll go to make homework and stop procrastinating hehe


Posting rather than commenting

And Happy The Black Parade anniversary!

Spam trigger again. Thi k that's part of why I don't come here very often anymore. :/

too fucking clean

life is too clean and i cant fucking stand it i want everything to be dirty and messy and chaotic maybe i've been listening to too much black flag and shit but i feel maddened. i need to make shit dirtier but dont know how fuck maybe ill spray paint some shit that helps usually or make art thats good too
class in half an hour

Sorry for not being there for two weeks...

Hey Fellas!
How are you doing, guys? I am very sorry for not Blogging for like two weeks. I were really busy with my guitar and my piano. I didn't believe that I would be busy in Holidays...but I was. And now School started on Monday. Please don't be mad at me. I'm sorry. But now I have quite a lot to say. So lean back and enjoy reading...
Yesterday we had a Meeting with the School band. Yes, I am a member now and that is so fuckin awesome. We started to learn two Songs. Riptide by Vince Joy and... CANCER BY MCR. And I gotta sing it. This is so cool.

places i'd like to live

a crackhouse without the crack
a commune
the streets (by choice)
a field of straw or hay
between a pair of breasts
in a barn i'm squatting in illegally
a music shop
my car
a dumpster
my best friend's house
in a good graphic novel
my own womb
a spider web (i'd be the spider)
tara (gone with the wind)
a freight train going who knows where
a shitty apartment