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Has anyone else read the description for the "Tour" section?? It says

"Check back soon for more details about our upcoming tour"

Does that mean what I think it means?!


I'm so happy right now. I just found out that Gerard is coming to my state in May!!! I'm so happy.


Hey, guys. Sometimes being a girl sucks. I'm a girl, by the way.
I'm practically an aspiring everything: actress, writer, dancer, etc. But my true dream is really to play in a band. Everyone who hears this laughs, puts a hand on my shoulder and says something like "oh, that's nice, sweetie. One day you'll find a real job." Real job? Excuse me? Playing in a band and touring and changing people's lives is my dream, and I know I shouldn't let these people bother me. I'm not going to give up on this dream just because of them, but it sucks.

Orlando, FL Frank tickets

selling two tickets, show is sold out. $40
cant go......need to sell

HELLOOOOWWW everybody!

haha, most of you may not know me (yet.. ;D ;D XD) but well, I´m finally out of therapy!! and WOW it took a lot to "recover" but well.. im finally back :D. Feel free to message me anytime and my kik is hdz1234 :p if anyone want to talk ill be there.

So long, and goodnight!
-Sebastian_MCR :*