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A total of 12 players qualify for the men's 3 meter final, world cup, world championships and the Olympic Games Grand Slam winner Chong is undoubtedly the biggest favorites to win, although hein the preliminary round with 19 points against the Qin Kai ranked second, but he quickly adjust the state, and in the semi final grab back chair, the lead up to 23 points. Qin Kai's victory over Russia,ranked second.
The afternoon of December 18th, 2011 of the Chinese eight ball tournaments Erdos station men'sfirst qualifying game all over, the final 64 people get promotion tickets.

In 8 into 4 games, still with the national team teammate wangjingzhi met, the former is the Beijing Olympic Games men's Sabre gold medal winner, who won the Fencing World Cup champion, two people have met in many domestic finals, and the outcome of each other, and because in the gameswith points in the second half, this contest and the equivalent wangjingzhi Zhongman Championshipstaged in advance.
Hendry in the peak period of 90's of last century had long magical ability and situation control, with 36 ranking titles, 9 in the world championship final won 7 times, 6 times won the Grand Prix, 92185610

This is not the first clash of two people, in the just concluded Beijing Railway Station game, in theDepartment of abortion group, Chen Qiangzheng suffered a Yang Fan barrier, lost to 4-9, was eliminated. The Erdos race, one can't avoid one's enemy, two people together again, Chen Jiang will not give up this chance for revenge.
Ma Zhiyu this season strong rebound, in the just concluded Beijing Railway Station game, <a href="">Ray Ban outlet</a> not onlyscored eight smoothly won the race seats Wuhan qualifying, and continue to move forward

At the beginning of the game, Zhou Zining quickly enter the state, to take the next two games. The third game, Wu Mengmeng made a perfect way, 7 ball in the pocket, and close to the white ballnumber 7 behind the ball, the ball Zhou Zining solution failed, Wu Mengmeng will easily get started,scored No. 7, the use of anti season two library called the 8 ball with a bag, finally draw a bureau,score 1-2 backward.
It is worth mentioning that, Wu Minxia, Cao Yuan, Qiu Bo and other players have been injured, some time ago in the winter, the State Sports General Administration for <a href=" 24566287

The fourth game, Liu Chuang started around, walk through the clever, sharp pole method, a victory.The 3-1 leader Ma Zhiyu.
"Yundu - Joe's Cup" the 2011 national Chinese eight ball tournaments (Beijing Railway Station)Wuhan night fashion men's qualifying for Wuhan city has brought the Chinese eight ball has hitherto unknown, and the "dream team" of the grand debut is the heat <a href="">cheap authentic jordans</a> to vertex.