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club penguin mcr clut?

hey guys
so on club penguin theres a group of users called the pookies. pookies are normal penguins who are yellow, hang out at the pet shop and pretend to be babies.
and they inspired me
what if everyone who comes on this site makes a Club Penguin and we make an emo group on there like the pookies, but cool!
friend me on CP, i'm emolordmcr cause we'll make this work.

Library printers suck

Hello everyone, I'd like like to offer my sympathy to anyone who's un-happy about Donald Trump becoming president of the U.S, it was terrible news to wake up to.
In less important news, I had a ridiculous experience at my local library today.
So earlier in the week, I was complaining that I don't have enough variety of posters in my room and that I don't have a poster of every one of my fave bands. I tried to order some online but there were some bands that just don't have posters for sale online for some reason.

DAY 11

W E L C O M E_

Today's mood: Happy

Today's favorite song: 'Down with the Sickness' by Disturbed

Today's Movie: Malificent

The Story: I have decided to Change the book category to film as I have realised I watch more movies then I read Books. If you wanna know today's read it was The umbrella Academy by Gee. I went on my date with S yesterday. And... It was really good and I had an amazing time. We are talking at the minute and hoping to get to know each other more.

The 'fun' fact about me: My favourite videogame series is 'Kingdom Hearts'

Snowflakes, Santa Claus and christmas trees.

Mini kamera

Children commence to have the ability to solve simple problems and revel in practical situations where they need to figure things out for themselves. A lot of people and revel in being given responsibility.

They react well when individuals for rules so when their habit is praised. Writing and reading become easier, although you will see variants mini kamery in the velocity of which bezprzewodowe become qualified and comfortable.

Children have become more in physical form skilled also.

I miss my board

(Kat the title tho ):)
Hey y'all. Just me. If life hasn't handed you lemons yet, I will hand you lemons. Either you can make lemonade or squeeze them in the eyes of your enemy. Just call me (hehe justcallgrace) and I will get you lemons (or a club penguin membership) to make your day better.