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Glad to be back!

I'm glad this website is up and running again I missed it quite a bit

Hey !

Just started on here so I thought I'd say hi !

hey guys!

posting this because i had to make a new account =^.^= // have a wonderful day

How did you feel when...

How did youu guys all feel when watching Na Na Na and seeing the skeleton in the sand wearing a Black Parade outfit?


but that is just me ^-^

6th of may


Is there anyone here who is going to see Frank on the 6th of may in Amsterdam, The Netherlands?
Well I am, and I'm really excited but I also wanna take a picture with Frank afterwards. I reckon some of you will also wait outside the venue after the show. How long are you guys planning on waiting? please let me know in the comments :)
Oh and also, where are you waiting? I've only been in The Melkweg once so I don't really know where the artists will be entering and leaving.