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That moment when your teacher walks out and you're posting your first blog on So I am new here yes but play nice I'm just getting into blogging and I have drawn a blank at what to write about any suggestions?

Missed out Yesterday.

Hello everyone!
I know we all know what was yesterday.. But like I said last year.. Gerard it was an idea. (But wait, don't explode on me quite yet, my fellow killjoys.) It IS an idea. An idea of HOPE, FAITH, STRENGTH, and LOVE. That's what they wanted for us. That's what I want for us. We are one badass fandom and I'm so fucking proud to call you guys my family. 2 years and we still strive and keep growing. Whether we are Wayliens or (I don't know the name of Frank's fandom). Also, Bob and Ray deserve love too, dammit.

Killjoys make some noise

i missed yesterday but i still cant get over the break up after 2 years. mcr i miss you, im sorry i never made it to concert. love you guys. thank you for saving my life. killjoys make some noise and do it now and do it loud. you may have been ghosted but here in the desert you shadow lives on without you.

Thank you.

I didnt get to post yesterday but thank you My chemical romance for being there in times in sickness and health. you helped me through the rough patches and lead me to the love of my life. Thank you and keep running!


When I was, a young boy...