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Okay so a while back I decided that for Halloween I'd be a total 2007 scene queen for Halloween to piss off my brother,right? Then I saw that post about Suicide Squading being the rebirth of scene kids. So now a group of my friends and I vowed to become full fledge 'rawr xDD Leda Monster Bunny!!11!1!!! nightcore luvvzz' scene queens. It's like the fappenning but...less fapping...and less know it's actually nothing like the fappening...I just like the word...:/
So far we're calling it #7for17 or like "two thousand sevenscene" right?
Idfk man I just felt like saying this since emo

Now this is Art...

We have survived this life so far, but how far have we really come? What stops us from finally feeling complete? The time I have taken to myself has left me with the feeling that I may just be fine all alone. The leaves once green, now a fiery red, crackle underfoot as we make our way past the rotten pillars of our past discretions. I need this to be over. I know that now. Holding on to cold hands and sunken eyes hasn’t held the same charm as it once did. I am fast approaching my rebirth. No more childish dreams. No more adolescent desires. No more breath of fresh air.

Fuck the DMV

Sorry this is the 2nd DMV drive test thingy in a small amount of time.. (Hi Z/chpeverillconti! I hope your drivers test went well! Sorry I didn't comment on your post, I was waiting until today when I was going to take my test, lol.) Anyway, I just wanted to talk about things today.

Now reading this post you guys might think I shouldn't be saying fuck the DMV since it's not their fault.... you're right, I just can't bring myself to say fuck my grandmother (at least in the title of this blog) and definitely not my mother and it'd probably be seen as attention seeking to say fuck myself even

Long time no see

Woah! I haven't been here for a while and I posted my last thing like 2 or 3 years ago. Anyway do you guys still use this website or not? Let me know. I would like to talk to my old friends if they still are using this website. I would still like to talk to you, no matter are you old buddy or new here.

I'm boreeeeeeeddddddddddd

Yes this is my first post on this site xD.
Anyway idek what I'm doing hi I guess.