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i miss the guys

like wow i really miss them and i miss their music and their live performances and i wish i could have gone to concerts while they were still together I've been listening to them since forever I'm so sad but im pretty happy with my life i just miss the guys a lot sometimes

Crippled - A poem by me.

I'm crippled... My heart that is. Physically I am robust. Emotionally, I am no stronger than a newborn. I can withstand bullets, knives, sticks and stones...

But you hurt me.

I sit in my wheelchair of a head stuck to the seat rewatching our greatest moments repeatedly crying tears of pure loathing. I forgive you for this.

But you still hurt me.

I am a well of self hatred and you compiled bucket-loads of my deepest thoughts just to use them in you fiery rage of defeat. I wanted you back after you cheated.

Even after you hurt me.

The piano we used to play together remains.

Why I Broke Up With Him (a poem)

this is a poem I wrote when I was thinking about my ex and kinda worked up. It's a compilation of some things he's said to me in the last 2 months. We were together for 13 months. Some of this stuff may be offensive. Anything in parenthesis is my comment. He wasn't a bad person, he just wasn't good for me. I just needed to get this out. And I need to valadate my experience so this is how I'm doing that. and Ace, if for some reason you find this, I'm sorry. But this is for ME.
Why I Broke Up With Him

Your fucking dumb

Where has 2016 gone?

I went to both my grandparents for the days (today, well yesterday now, and yesterday, the day before that) because my parents were working. Oh I've though of something interesting. My cousin just got his A level results back today. Although we haven't heard fully what he got, we know he's passed all of his exams! Oh and he got a place in the college so my grandma was pleased. It's a shame my auntie and uncle couldn't be there to find out with him. They are currently on a cruise with my other cousin and don't come back for a couple of days.


Hey all,
I saw nxxdmoreslxxp's blog about how the site feels kinda empty. It's true, it's sorta slow. Just wanted to remind you all that the best way we can keep the site running is keep blogging! If you don't have anything to say, just post saying hello! ask a question to be answered in the comments! talk about your day! rant! song lyrics! I don't care, just talk about something and I, personally, will do my best to read and comment as many blogs as I can, cause I know how great it can feel to receive a comment :) Just keep blogging, and everything will be fine :) The MCRmy never dies!