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Now that I got the whole MCR Death Day out of the Gee-Mikey Way, this is the new review!!!
Thanks for reading!! And stay beautiful!!!

Three Years Ain't Bad, Let's Make it for another Two Years!!

What I mean is that the love for MCR and what it stands as for me, still stay strong within me.
Does it mean I'm never carry on?
No. I have carried on, but never forget what they meant to me. They were my biggest inspiration, and they always will be.
My Chemical Romance is MY Chemical Romance.
Forever a Killjoy, forever a Parader, forever a Revenger, and forever a Bullet.

Stay alive, beautifuls!

Three years and one day

It's been three years and one day and I'm still sitting here in my Black Parade shirt and Party Poison mask waiting for them to come back... Im never giving up... Whoo...

Three Years, But That's Ok

Three years. I can't believe it's three years. My Chemical Romance will and always will be my favorite band, whether they are together or not. I do miss them though. I know everyone is happier, and I'm glad they're happy, but I still sort of guiltily miss them. Either way, this band changed my life for the better, and I hope everyone had a nice March 22 because no matter what people say, MCR isn't dead. Not really. That's what the fans are for. Along with their music, we are the ones that carry along their memory.

one day after

hi guys so yeah yesterday was March 22nd which made it 3 years since My Chemical Romance went their separate ways :'( with Gerard becoming a solo artist, Mikey Way starting Electric Century ( I think) and the others becoming quite successful in their own ways.

My Chemical Romance effected me in great/positive ways during my transition from girly to Gothic/emo/grunge trash (oh the joys *-*) and I remembered the first ever song I heard by MCR which was teenagers which I replayed endlessly for weeks *-* I remember playing this song to Sarah who thought it said ' So darken your clothes or