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i am very broken right now

hello new friends, hello old friends, the folks who got here yesterday, and friends i've known forever.

my computer deleted the first draft of this.

i feel devastated and betrayed.

im glad you have your shitty money now, MCR, Warner Bros.

you have my twenty dollars for the shirt i bought this morning, y'know before you posted the real deal.

my heart is broken, but im not sure what i actually expected.

im excited for the release, whatever the hell you say it is. ill spend my money on it. ill listen to it a lot.

the reason i feel deceived is because you made it look 100% like you were truly


I guess I should have seen this coming, but seriously I'm sick of Warner Bros' shit. They need to stop with the bullshit teaser trailers and random tweets every couple of years. This isn't the first time. If our boys are gone and they're not coming back then stop dragging us through this. Stop with the false hope and the vague posts. Just stop and let us move the fuck on. I was finally alright with not having them around anymore. I was glad that Gerard was happy and healthy. I was proud of him and the rest of the guys. I respect them. But hell did I want them back.

Don't blame the band

I know we're all disappointed about this whole thing but its not the guys fault, it was the WB. And we probably shouldn't have blown it out of proportion. I'm guilty of doing it too, we all got so excited over a possible reunion that we weren't using our brains. They probably feel horrible about this whole thing so don't blame them and make them feel worse. Instead thank them for making music in the first place.

What impresses me the most

Is how the guys have been radio silent, I'm not blaming them but we all know how they feel about their fans, doesn't it seem weird that they haven't said anything?

It Hurts, But It'll Be Okay

As I'm reading through the blogs of others in the MCR community, I am ashamed of what has become of the MCRmy. Yes, everyone is upset that there is no reunion nor is there a tour, but at the same time, we have to look at things from their perspective. It's no secret that they care a lot about their fans, and that's probably why this was such a hard thing for them to say.