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New Job!

Sweet Meadow Farm hired me! I have work tomorrow and Sunday from 8:30-2. Gonna clean the coops and help with the shop. Glad to get some income and be doing something fun like a farm :)
Took some pictures for my art school portfolio. have 8 pictures that are going into the portfolio and I need 15-25. I still have until December 1st, taking more pics at school on tuesday.
getting some of my tatt colored in on monday!

what goes around comes around again

I just wanted to address the Avril phenomenon. See, I just saw three version of MMs Bad Girl with her and the first one that I saw was the last one I watched this time because it is very sad. What happened to that gerl, and was from the next town and she was just a kid. And whatever chance she may have had got fucked by that tweaker twinkie from sum41 I doubt he even knows how to add. He def DID not know what 1+1 or 2+2 equals.

I like Dancing.

I like glue
I like booze
I like food
I like you
I like rooms
And I like goo
Needz something to get me off
I sweat until my clothes come off!

I fucking looooovrs this video and I dont give a fuck what anyone has to say about Xtrina. Okie? Watch this: she is a real Thuggee. She calls the water, she tells the water what shesa gonna do, then she makes the sign for the water, then the water comes and HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and then she Thanks the water.
a. The first call, she taps the ground

Please stop.

I Never did like patronizing people.