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MCR Getting Together

I understand that the video was VERY misleading and their recent post was HORRIBLY heartbreaking... But it's my understanding that My Chemical Romance not only deleted their break up post (which I'm wondering why even bother if they aren't getting together) but Gerard according to some fans that follow him on Twitter had been inactive for about 26 days before My Chem's announcement yesterday...

I went on to pinterest yesterday to make a My Chem board and I stumbled upon the pic that I have attached (This being my first official blog on here I won't know if it had posted but here's to being


Get the tag trending everywhere & don't buy the MCRX merchandise bc WB is horrible

don't blame the boys :(

It's not their fault, it's Warner brothers. I'm really mad and I'm probably not going to buy the MCRX shirt or Re release now because that was a horrible trick to play on some people. If they announced it like normal people this wouldn't have happened & this wasn't okay. get this trending everywhere. Don't buy the re release & shirts #boycottwarnerbrothers

Picture change...

I need help figuring out how to change the picture for my profile and stuff... Could somebody help me? :) Thanks bros :D

OMG it's been 5 years since their last show in Dallas

I never got to go to a concert, and tried to go then but was broke at the time.

If I had known that would be the last concert I woulda sold a kidney or something, lol.