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Urgh, guys.

The break up of My Chemical Romance on March 22nd, 2013 was a devastating tragedy to thousands upon thousands of people familiar with their music. A lot of dedicated fans realized that they will never get to see their favorite, even lifesaving, band in person. Many fans have grown up listening to their songs and those fans, along with hundreds of others, use it as a temporary band-aid and a way to escape reality for a while. My Chemical Romance's music has inspired thousands and has saved numerous individuals, whether it be from loneliness, depression, even self harm and suicide.

is this website dead?

Hey! So I haven't been on here in more than a month and I felt like it was a right time to come back. I can't believe Mikey's now 36! And they still look and act younger than ever! By them, I mean all of MCR (not referring to Bob- I don't know what happened and FRANKly;) I couldn't care less, Bob's a dickhead.)

I'm really excited for MCRX! It's so close though just 11 days left. I'm sad it's not a reunion or a tour or whatever but I'm really excited to hear the unreleased songs, I'm sure they're epic! The Five Of Us Are Dying is such a good song I love it!

Still Sick :(

I had to stay home today because I'm still super sick but it's not completely bad because I had a math test today that I get an extra day to study for now. I guess that's it for today.

weekend offically over

feel like ive been so busy lately but on the possitive ive been LOVING surviver on hulu and ive been reading whither, the first book from the chemical gardens trilogy


Enlighten Me

Everytime I check my library account I feel an odd sense of pride. I've checked out over 1,000 books in ten years. But anyways I recently read Symptoms of Being Human (Jeff Garvin) and it is one of the best, if not the best book I've read. It deals with a lot of topics that are controversial but makes people comfortable to talk about it. They talk about anxiety, dysphoria, sexuality, and being genderfluid. I honestly loved this book and you should read it too because its great