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Okay, this may seem a bit desparate, but go to the "Tour" tab on the website, and look... I cried when i saw it, and i hope that it is true...

These are the days

So much ((((love)))) and ((((strength)))) to everyone who has gone through tough times, and those who are helping others get through their own. I hope you all have a wonderful day, week, month, year because all of you are so kind and caring. All ((((good vibes)))) for those who have helped me along the way and continue to write comments. If no one has said it in a while, I appreciate everything you do

My thoughts (today edition)

Here are some of my thoughts I had today. :

*You can't sing, please stop
*I'm a guitarist not a bloody drummer
*I bet you are here for the easy grade
*This bus is god damn fast
*You're a creep dude
*You're Lying
*You're lying
*Well that fucking hurt
*The 1980's were amazing for music oh my
*Music is a stressful subject
*Shit homework
*She really is beautiful isnt she
*Still haven't said anything
*Maybe I should make a move
*You are as smooth as sandpaper stop
*Maybe one day
*Almost time to go home
*I must seem like a twat to other people

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