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very quick (happy st. patties!)

this is going to be short, as i have chores to do but here we go:
if you saw my last post, you know who D is, and i think her and i are friends again? she came up to me yesterday and hugged me and i'm still very confused on this topic.

i'm officially going to see the Scott Helman show on Saturday with my friend Dani. it's going to be fun.

i have a dentist appointment tomorrow, ew.

my twenty one pilots show is April 8 and it's getting so close now i can almost feel it!!!!

i'm going to see my uncle sometime next week! it's actually his birthday today, so happy birthday uncle!

and i think

A Rant on the Definition of "emo"

(The entire blog is in the comments because the spam filter decided to be a dick today. I was going to just not post this blog but I really wanted to put my thoughts out there on this subject so it's in the comments.)

Pizza and surprises

Hey! So today it was a horrible day. Nothing was going right, ever since I woke up this morning everything went downhill. Tomorrow my mum said we'd be going for a weekend break and she said she's getting us pizza. I wasn't in a good mood at all, I didn't want anything I just wanted to be alone and just cry. However, I go to take the pizza and open the box and find a box that said "Surprise! We're going to Disney World tomorrow!" I didn't believe it. It had been 6 years since I've been there and Disneyland is one of my favourite places in the whole world.

22nd March Talk + A New MCR Fan? + Old Shows Or No Shows?

The last part of the title is kind of punny but I couldn't resist lol. Alright, I see everyone is already talking about 22nd March. I advise everyone to stay calm, remain relaxed... and just prepare for what's coming. I'm probably going to sound like a broken record but please, do NOT harass the guys online on the 22nd. Don't send them tweets pleading for them to get back together or anything of the sort, because that is disrespectful to them in a way.

First post!

Ok so first post, but today is a good day for me. At 8:15 tonight will be six months since me and my boyfirend, Ozzy, got together ^-^