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The 22nd Of March: The Day Music Died

Exactly 2 years ago from today we went to sleep without a care. Everything was okay. Little did we know tomorrow music would die, an era would end, tears would be shed. I can't begin to tell how thankful I am for those 12 years given to us. I will cherish them forever, but I will not get over them. I have listened to many bands in my life but none made me feel the way My Chemical Romance did. Yes are that band to me. Tomorrow I will post the full story of how I found them but for now I will just give a brief summary: It was late 2012 when I heard Helena in Hot Topic.

The Day The Music Died...

So yeah, tomorrow is the day. I know that everyone will be upset and maybe even a bit angry, but we have to know it was for the better. I really hope that the MCRmy will have enough common sense to not hate on the guys for it or even mention it. So just remember they didn't do this to hurt you, so don't be a jerk.
-Quinifer :)

Hey, I'm Back in Time For...the Day

Well it's been a week since I was last here. Hello. Nobody here really knows me so I can't say I'm back, but I am.

Tomorrow is March 22nd, the day...

I remember how I found out. I was with my aunt and mom at my aunt's house. My mom was sitting at the dining room table on my aunt's iPad and she said, "Oh my God!" and then read it. I didn't cry. I was just pretty shocked that, after being in the MCRmy for 6 years, it was over. Now it's 2 years later. Sigh.

I really hope the rumors are true.

Stay strong, Killjoys. Keep running.

This is it, I guess.

Uh hi, I'm Katie. I just joined this site I believe a few days ago. I'll tell you a few things about myself, my favorite colors are black, blue, and green. My favorite T.V. shows are Breaking Bad, Adventure Time, Regular Show, and The Walking Dead. I enjoy drawing, singing, and reading. Obviously my favorite band is My Chemical Romance, their music is what keeps me calm, I listen to their music quite a bit everyday. The only album I have from them is the Black Parade album, sadly. I guess this is it about me.

22 march

I'm naive fool.
It's a time to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. Include playlist and listen to all day long. Take handkerchiefs and crying.

In principle, all that we do throughout the year, only stronger.

All good terrible day, killjoys. Be brave dearest. We need to get through this day, because it brings us closer to the Black Parade. Need to be strong and proud.
I`m so proud of us!
Well, my friends, above your head!

Killjoys never die!
Killjoys make some noise!

And remember, all killjoys around the world - family.