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Anyone want to chat??

End of Ze world

So apparently there were some crazy nut job conspiracy guys who claimed the end of the world would be yesterday; because of polar flip?

What ever the fuck that means. Well the world didn't end and I bet those guys feel like total dumb asses now.

But yeah they were claiming that a 10th planet, which would have been 3 times larger than Earth would have passed by us and caused a Magnetic Polar Shift which would wipe out the Earths population.

Well that didn't happen. So we can all say we survived another end of the world Hoax.

Also there's a Sky Diver doing a Jump tonight with no parachute on

Driving Test Tomorrow

Hey guys,
So tomorrow I have my driving test. I'm so nervous. Been waking up super early because I'm so worried I'll fail and can't sleep because of it. I know I can do it, I'm good at parallel parking, have to do a three point turn to get out of my driveway so I know how to do that. I follow the speed limit and signs and road rules. But what if I screw up and make a dumb little mistake? Like what if I don't signal when turning out from a curb or going into parallel park? What if I don't look over my shoulder enough? What if I don't look in my mirrors enough?

MCRX, Frank's new stuff, and update on life

Okay. Very fangirl type paragraph upcoming. I'm so excited for Living With Ghosts. I love hearing demos, and I love listening to their unreleased song Someone Out There Loves You (Stay), and their covers. That sounds really really cheesy and akward and like "OMG you're trying way too hard to be a fan" but it's true. I really like all their music and that definitely includes all their covers and demos and unreleased things. I am so so so excited for this, I read about this before the whole MCRX and have wanted to listen to it.

First Blog? The Five Of Us Are Going To Die (Rough Mix) Review

Hello! My name is Sam and, well....I'm kind of an MCR fan.

I want to focus this blog around reviewing music, since I have no other place for it. So, what other place to start than the single from the upcoming The Black Parade reissue, "The Five of Us Are Going To Die".

If you have some knowledge on My Chemical Romance, you probably know that this song is the song that developed into Welcome To The Black Parade. From the song's quiet-to-loud dynamic in the beginning, it's easy to see how.