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Week one of school

I went back to school on the 7th (I think, the Wednesday) so I've had a full week of school so I've met all my teachers and classmates. I think I'm going to have a good year apart from like a few small things. I mean I have some nice teachers but some of them are known to become meaner as the year goes in. I mean I'm top set for maths and the teacher is treating us like little kids and giving us consequences for the silliest of things like asking for help etc. There are so many new teachers this year so about half of my timetable is filled with new teachers.

sushi sushi sushi!!!!

i used to HATE the idea of sushi until i had REAL sushi and let me tell you... its AMAZING!!!! and tomorrow were going out for sushi for my birthday :) the 15th is my birthday and ill be 24 gosh i feel so old

Green Day tour!!!!

im so excited for seeing them in cologne :D:D cant wait

anyone else planning seeing them?

oh the US tour is sold out fyi

but theyll add more tour dates..


I dyed my hair!!!! This is a bit of a major change for me. I am trying to get a job, but sometimes you just need to do something weird. :) My hair is now a dark blue/green. It was supposed to be bright blue, but that it what happens when you don't bleach your dark brown hair. I like it, though. I really wish the picture system worked on here so I could show you guys. :(

Hope you all have a great day!