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When your fam says they like MCR

So today I found WiFi and what did I do? Obviously, I stayed listening to MCR music, telling my little cousin (who's 11) all about them. She likes tøp, which is already really good especially for her age. We heard music that was saved on her phone and she sadly said that she didn't download MCR music and that she needed to download some of their music. Her fav songs are Na Na Na, Cancer and Welcome To The Black Parade.

I feel like a proud mother.

The 'dreaded' day

As we all know, March 22nd is approaching us. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM SPAMMING THE BOYS. They have all moved on and have new music careers, and lives. I'm assuming after 3 years they're expecting us to do the same. Yes, it sucks knowing that we will never have new My Chem music, but don't harass ANY of the former members, pleading them to get the band back together.

All alone in the dark...

Hai guys well I'm sort of blogging after school at computer science catch up with Alex, Ellias, Kris and two other idiots anyway our teacher left us alone to go to a meeting so yeah..pff students first that's a school is the worst anyway today was pretty average even though it is the last day of term for Easter (Thank god)

Anyway I got to go and actually do some work so QOTD From Kris
How many other people like Scorpions?

Bye <3


im in schooool and all my online friends are sleeping save mee


I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE all of the music that was made after MCR broke up. I miss MCR but, if they hadn't have broken up we wouldn't have Electric Century, or Frnkiero andthe Cellabration. We wouldn't have the Hesitant Alien album. Come on, I know it is close to the 22nd but, let's just be happy that all of this has happened. Celebrate by listening to their old stuff, and their new stuff, the things they made together and the things they did not. All I am saying is I am so so so glad we have all of this music, there is nothing quite like it.