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Don't blame the band

I know we're all disappointed about this whole thing but its not the guys fault, it was the WB. And we probably shouldn't have blown it out of proportion. I'm guilty of doing it too, we all got so excited over a possible reunion that we weren't using our brains. They probably feel horrible about this whole thing so don't blame them and make them feel worse. Instead thank them for making music in the first place.

What impresses me the most

Is how the guys have been radio silent, I'm not blaming them but we all know how they feel about their fans, doesn't it seem weird that they haven't said anything?

It Hurts, But It'll Be Okay

As I'm reading through the blogs of others in the MCR community, I am ashamed of what has become of the MCRmy. Yes, everyone is upset that there is no reunion nor is there a tour, but at the same time, we have to look at things from their perspective. It's no secret that they care a lot about their fans, and that's probably why this was such a hard thing for them to say.

Please Read!!

Note:this is just what I think. Don't be a jerk because you disagree with what I'm saying

Have you guys thought about the future? What's also really going on right now? This whole event could be an experiment to see whether they do a tour/reunion based on how excited and supportive we are. We don't know what the future holds, nor what they don't tell the public. All we have to do right now is show the boys support, use logic and think happy thoughts.

MCR Getting Together

I understand that the video was VERY misleading and their recent post was HORRIBLY heartbreaking... But it's my understanding that My Chemical Romance not only deleted their break up post (which I'm wondering why even bother if they aren't getting together) but Gerard according to some fans that follow him on Twitter had been inactive for about 26 days before My Chem's announcement yesterday...

I went on to pinterest yesterday to make a My Chem board and I stumbled upon the pic that I have attached (This being my first official blog on here I won't know if it had posted but here's to being