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i wish more people went on the site

it would be nice if the community was more active on here, though i myself do neglect checking the site all that often

Hai! I'm back!

Interviewer: If there were a movie made about your band, about your life, what would the story be like? The ending even?

Gerard: I think the ending would be really good. I think in the end everybody would kind of go back to normal, doing what they did before the band or maybe something new like living in the woods , or like writing children's books or Bob would probably be an airline pilot or something.

long island players?

if anyone knows how to play an instrument pretty well and lives on central long island hit up my messages, i think it'd be cool to put together a symphonic rock band. i mean almost any instrument, unusual ones just give a more original edge

i miss the guys

like wow i really miss them and i miss their music and their live performances and i wish i could have gone to concerts while they were still together I've been listening to them since forever I'm so sad but im pretty happy with my life i just miss the guys a lot sometimes

Crippled - A poem by me.

I'm crippled... My heart that is. Physically I am robust. Emotionally, I am no stronger than a newborn. I can withstand bullets, knives, sticks and stones...

But you hurt me.

I sit in my wheelchair of a head stuck to the seat rewatching our greatest moments repeatedly crying tears of pure loathing. I forgive you for this.

But you still hurt me.

I am a well of self hatred and you compiled bucket-loads of my deepest thoughts just to use them in you fiery rage of defeat. I wanted you back after you cheated.

Even after you hurt me.

The piano we used to play together remains.