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It deleted all my messages and some of my blogs but THANK FUCK ITS BACK
When the site went down I thought it had been deleted and I was so scared. I lost my shit. I hate when people post that they cry, but I did. I cried more than I had in a long time. I was so scared I'd lost my family. I was scared I'd lost my home and safe place. I'm so relived it's back!!!

WHAT on this green earth?

Okay so obviously we've gotten an update, and honestly I do not like it as I've seen most of you don't either. Why did they find it necessary to delete all of our messages? I had ones from when I first joined and now they are gone and I DO NOT find that okay in the slightest. For example all of my messages from Emo Bookworm are gone and she was the first to ever contact me on the site, Those messages meant something to me, as did my conversation with Withered Rose! (and others, who I apologize for not remembering your screen name) Honestly, when has this site EVER gotten an update?

Alright. Community's back, but there's still more to fix

Hello, beautifuls. I'm glad to hear you guys again. I hope you guys are okay. :D
So, thanks to Miss Kerry, we got the Community back.
But just as she said in the MCRmy site (, it's not quite the same as before.
I've checked out few things that I was concerned of since the first day this incident happen and there were still things to be fixed:

-Our past messages and blogs from January-March 2015 are completely deleted and erased
-While we can still message, the message will still become blank and empty.

THX a lot!!!! it works again,but....

my messages are disappeared :/ least it works again XD