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Everybody. Y'all need to calm the fuck down. Just let life roll, yeah?

Ok... i was thinking, and this came up

At the last performance of The Black Parade, Gerard says that it's "The Death of The Black Parade". The promo song for may death never stop you is "Fake Your Death", not to mention that the album is "May Death Never Stop You". I think they were implying that they faked the death of My Chemical Romance.


So yes there are many rumors spreading around about MyChem and I would really like to believe they would come back but I really doubt it. It hurts to admit, too. Both Gerard and Frank have denied it and I still try to hope, but I just want whatever makes them happy and I think what they`re doing is it. I haven't been on this site for long, about a month now, and once the site was recovered all it was, and is, is drama and rumors. Don't cry because it`s over, smile because it happened.

-Quinifer : )

Im so confused

What if MCR are actually pranking all of us, and they are waiting until April 1st to tell us April Fools? ;-; i will die ;-;

please stop it's driving me crazy!!

all the theories, the CONSTANT question "are they getting back together" STOP. THis site is my HOME my SAFE SPACE. People come here to get help from the MCRmy when something is wrong. Celebrate when things are good. But now it's just page after page of stupid blogs "will they come back" I'd love if it happens, but right now I DONT CARE I just want this site to go back to what it was. I'd much rather have this site and community than MCR back.