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we ALL have bad days. hehe

I'm feeling very oober frustrated and upset right now! :(
I just want to scream and curse and do all these things that I don't really want to do!

so i won't

but I'm ...and by upset, I kindof mean sad and alone-like...and like everything I touch i break. like I'm helpless and hopeless...


I'm really not this person, so I hate that I'm having such a day! :(

feeling like i keep saying the wrong things to the wrong people ...but I mean, despite not actually coming to the disaster I imagine in my head and panic about,...well, the silence scares me too. gah! I hate silence!!


new mcr album

for those of yall fans who want this new cd combo but dont have money to pay an arm and a leg for it go to amazon its there for $13 thats including shipping.... instead of $35 not including shipping... yeah here on the site it includes a flag but youre spending nearly $20 for a flag.

From my head to my middle finger, i really like you

all i want to do is put the past behind me, or behind us. but that seems impossible when all you* do is build up false hope and crack it back down. maybe it's not worth it to talk but im kind of addicted to you. maybe you dont see how this hurts me, or maybe you do. well if you do, youre a f****** sadist. hmm... that title seems accurate. i hate your amzing smile and i hate your brown eyes and i hate how youre nice to everyone and i hate, i hate how much i miss being with you when youre clearly over it. so from my head straight to my middle finger i really like you.

*you is referring to the

It's Almost Halloween


I've started to think about the lovely holiday of Halloween. I'm not quite sure what to go as this year. I thought about being a member of the Black Parade, but I'm not sure if that's quite what I want to be. It's cool, but will it be too cliche? Should I go with scary this year? It just seems that every year I'm a pretty non threatening character like a cool sorcerer or a Jedi which can get kind of stagnant and overdone. I'll have to debate over this subject for the next 700,000 years. (I'm over exaggerating, but you get my point.)

Also, where I live, it doesn't feel like fall yet.

Sick fiatc reference

i have really bad stomachaches.
the only good thing is that i can go up to my friend and point at my stomach and say "Sick FIATC reference bruh"