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Im so confused

What if MCR are actually pranking all of us, and they are waiting until April 1st to tell us April Fools? ;-; i will die ;-;

please stop it's driving me crazy!!

all the theories, the CONSTANT question "are they getting back together" STOP. THis site is my HOME my SAFE SPACE. People come here to get help from the MCRmy when something is wrong. Celebrate when things are good. But now it's just page after page of stupid blogs "will they come back" I'd love if it happens, but right now I DONT CARE I just want this site to go back to what it was. I'd much rather have this site and community than MCR back.

My Chemical Romance

I honestly don`t know what to believe anymore.. I`m just going to say, what ever is happening right now is happening.. They may be getting back together, they maybe staying broken apart. Which i fully understand. All the stuff they are doing currently is amazing and I highly doubt they would ditch everything they are doing right now just to get back into the band again. I have been a fan for about two years (so like around August of 2013) and i had no clue they were broken up till some time in 2014.. That did kinda hurt me for a few minutes but i got over it.

so sad...

im so sad mcr probably wont be getting back together but like can they have a reunion tour? i miss the amzing music *cries*

MCR is back?

I don't know if these rumours are true, but from what I hear, they are indeed back together. I don't know how I feel about this, seeing as they were all doing well on their own. I miss the memories and the excitement of a new video or song being released, but is it really what's best for them?