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It is my birthday today (aug 4th)
meaning that I get a lot of free shit. That is basically what birthdays are though right. You selebrate your birth with the giving of presents. I think it is stupid tbh. I'm a mean person. But none the less I got so much money and a guitar pedal. And now I think I sound much better whilst playing! See you later


a mean person.


I'M SO PUMPED UP THE NEW UPLOAD IS AMAZING, EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING ALL AT ONCE!!! 1)green day are releasing a new song in August. 2)ptv have already released a new song. 3)troye Sivan is rejoining youtube!! And 4)MCRX MCRX HOLY FRICK A NEW ERA HAS BEGUN. ALSO, TROYE'S NEW SONG IS BEING PLAYED EVERYWHERE!!!

I'm so exited! I can't believe it!

I'm gonna go to JuCo next month!

In high school I either excelled at what I did–Art, Creative Writing, English–or I didn't show up. If the teacher was lucky I was kicking my feet up on the desk in the back, listening to MCR, FoB, Manson.

I entered the work force–it was awesome! But, I always wanted to go to college. All the teachers said I'd have a better time there anyway. I've always loved learning about new things–Bucky Fuller's sleep cycle, the psychology behind Batman, and not to mention anything for the next novel I was working on.

Then…all my mental health issues showed up all at


I'm low key having a mental break down at The Five Of Us Are Dying it's too eqifgaghsd I can't process word ehat the fuck

I'm Back

Hi guys,

Ok so since I was last online, I took and failed my driving test, did a weeks worth volunteering at a stables, entered another competition with my dog, had a hoodie and shoes customised by my friend, started the guitar again (mainly so I can learn at the same time as my friend), went to skegness with my dad, step mum and boyfriend. I think that's about it.

I have been looking into getting a new guitar but at the minute I don't have sufficient funds. I was looking at I have an acoustic right now, my friend has an