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So, I think thats all...

You know, it's been 6 years since I wrote a blog here, this "place" used to be my safe haven, the place I put my feelings out... And MCR used to be my cure (still are, I guess), and just thought for a minute they would be together once more make me feel so happy, so full of hope, but then I realize that the fact is, MCR is over and we all have to fallow our own paths just keeping their songs in our hearts and minds when everything gets to much to deal with. I still love MCR from the bottom of heart and just hope for all the guys a happy life!

xoxo Naty =}


Well I guess we know why they added an X to mcr. Happy 10 year anniversary to Welcome To The Black Parade. I mean this doesn't explain why it says Sptember 23 when it came out September 11, 2006 or why they deleted the breakup tweet but.... We will see...


well that was sad.
i'm glad warner bros just went and dug up old feelings and relations.
i'm going to go and masturbate away the pain.


If you've never heard of or read "Not The Life It Seems: the true loves of my chemical romance" by Tom Bryant. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE I just found out this book existed, written by a very close journalist to the band it tells the story of them and I love it!! Highly recomend