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So Long and Goodnight

today is March 22 and everyone knows what that means so I don't think I'll dwell on it too long. but I must say the fact that Gerard basically indirected the whole bandom makes my heart hurt. I really don't knew if it was better or worse that way. either way it hurts like hell and as better as it was for the guys I still hate today and I think I'm entitled to that cause everyone has their own opinions.
yep so I basically got emotional over everything and ate an entire box of Girl Scout cookies while listening to mcr all day so that was interesting. how'd everybody else spend their day?

I hate the ending myself,but it started with an alright scene.....

Today marks 3 years since the break up.
Thank you for everything.
Gerard,Frank,Mikey, life would not be the same without you

So long and Goodnight

The Breakup

As everyone is aware, MCR broke up today. I remember the first time I heard them. It was when I was working on a school project at 12:06 pm. My friends told me about them and they went on and on about how great they were. At first, I was confused. Why did they regard them so highly? After all, they were just a band. The second I heard them, I fell in love with their music. It was just so real and relatable. It wasn't just for the popularity (although they did gain it), it was about the music.


We love you so much guys. I wish you could see this, but you help us so much. Thankyou for everything. You are amazing. <3

Take A Bow

This March 22nd marks the third year of My Chemical Romance's disband. Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray, Bob, Matt, and even James, who only stayed in three years, we thank you ALL for the lives you have created for us, the independence you set forth in our hearts, and the willingness to be ourselves, because no one can take "the light behind your eyes". We also thank you for the YEARS of entertainment you provided for us, and the new friends we met FOR being ourselves and not settling for less.